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Leo Wight

Having recently graduated from Glasgow School of Art I plan to use this Emergence opportunity to work towards developing my practice and putting on an exhibition of new work. Working predominantly in black and white analog photography my work explores daily life spent with another, the spaces they inhabit and the intimate moments they share. In this blog I plan to document my making process and discuss the ideas my work explores, including issues surrounding queer intimacy and relationships.

Posts by Leo Wight

The Autistic Balancing Act

In this post I’m talking about my experience of autism, not everyone with autism will have these feelings or experiences. Life is one big balancing act for everyone but being autistic I feel as though each thing I am trying to balance is bigger, heavier and harder to control. Trying to ...

Getting back into the darkroom.

I am finally writing my second blog post, it's taken me a while to try figure out what to write about. As I am dyslexic, I find it difficult to communicate through written word and I avoid it at almost any cost. But here we go! A lot has happened since ...

Person standing at windowsill

Introduction to my practice

In this first blog post I am going to answer a few questions about my practice, to give some insight into my work. In future posts I will be documenting my making, thoughts and experiences throughout the Emergence project. What photographic processes do you like to use and why? I work mostly ...