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Letty McHugh

Letty McHugh is artist and writer with a BA in Art with Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and an MA in Creative Practice from Leeds College of Art . Letty's work explores the universality of personal experiences and the resilience of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. She create long running participatory projects which can lead to a wide range of outcomes. She will be blogging about the progress of her Emergence funded project 'Seaworthy Vessel', a project that uses the concept of seaworthiness in ships as a metaphor for disability in people

Posts by Letty McHugh

When Letty Went to Norway

I went to Norway at the start of this month. Then I came back and spent 23 days trying to write a blog post about it. I’m not exaggerating (well, not much) when I say I sat down every evening and tried to get something down, but I just couldn’t. ...

100 Origami Boats and Other Stories

Wow, It has been such an amazing three weeks since I last blogged for DAO. I went down to London and spoke at the Emerging Artists discussion at the Tate Exchange. (I got a charcuterie plate and ate it looking at St Paul's, it was super fancy) I had chance ...

The Story So Far

Hi, my name is Letty McHugh, I’m an artist and a writer and one of the recipients of the Emergence Bursary. I wanted to write an introduction post to my practice and the project I’m working on for the bursary, but I’ve been putting it off for two weeks because ...