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Lisa Davies

I am a PhD student, writer and reluctant activist (I say reluctant because it’s a role my interactions with the social world often forces me into). My activism often occurs through performance. I am a member of a collaborative group called Reading the World and I have previously contributed written pieces for Disability Now and DaDaFest, one of which was programmed at The Lowry as part of Don’t Mind Me, an event staged in protest at disability cuts. I have been a wheelchair user for most of my life (it was that or a pram :)). I also teach at a number of universities from a service user perspective. Finally, I am guardian to a cat called Daisy (you never actually own a cat, they decide if they want to stay or not).

Posts by Lisa Davies

picture of a black gaming controller

Game Start

My latest blog is about an often forgotten and publicly derided branch of the arts – computer gaming. I’ve been a gamer since I was young. One of my earliest gaming memories is of playing Centipede on the Atari that my parents had bought me, my brother and sister one ...

Two Sunny Days in Bristol

On the 23rd and 24th of July I joined several hundred other researchers from a range of backgrounds by the harbourside in Bristol, for The British Autoethnography Conference 2018. The nautical backdrop and climate were spectacular. Autoethnography can be literally described as the study of self and culture through writing, ...

Photo of disabled performer Penny Pepper reading from her memoir propped on a music stand

First in the World Somewhere: The true adventures of a scribbler, siren, saucepot and pioneer

Penny Pepper’s groundbreaking memoir First in the World Somewhere: The true adventures of a scribbler, siren, saucepot and pioneer was published by Unbound on 7th September 2017. Tracing the extraordinary life of a disabled writer, poet, punk, pioneer and activist, the book spans the mid-1980s until 2000. Review by Lisa ...

Lisa Davies

Halfway There (nearly)

I haven’t written a Disability Arts Online blog in a small age, (almost a year), a re-occurring bout of cellulitis and the demands of actually writing a thesis have made this so. I felt a blog was in order, because in terms of the time allotted, I am reaching the ...

LIsa Davies on stage in her wheelchair with a screen behind her projecting a collage of images of dasabled people

Two Sunny Days in Lancaster

I was recently fortunate enough to be selected to showcase my research at Lancaster Disability Studies Conference 2016. The conference is bi-annual and brings together disability studies scholars and activists from around the world. On the first day I presented under the title What’s Wrong with Looking: Objectification in Disability Autobiography. ...

photo of PhD student and writer Lisa Davies on stage reading a poem

A Single Human Eye: reflections from childhood

I am currently studying for a PhD in the School of Social Work at a Northwest University. I am researching disability autobiography and activism, exploring the ways in which the self-representations of my chosen authors make the case for activism. There are two main aspects to my research, a critical analysis ...

Lisa Davies