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Liz Bentley

Psychotherapist by Day/Comedian by Night Liz Bentley is a writer, poet, comedian, host, programmer, musician and psychotherapist. From the Royal Festival Hall to swimming pools around the UK, from Freud Museum to Madame Jo Jo’s, Liz’s act is certainly versatile. “Truly the most indefinable act I have ever seen, wouldn’t want to have missed it” Three Weeks “Bentley has such a warm, open personality that we’ve yet to see an audience fail to be drawn in and love her. The fact that she has a keen talent for observation and self-depreciation adds to the enjoyment and she is also, simply hilarious.” The Londonist

Posts by Liz Bentley

Liz Bentley with Tesco delivery man and 2020 diary

Liz Bentley wishes you a happy newish year while waiting for the Tesco Delivery man

Happy newish year. Fenton was my first Tesco delivery man of 2010. In the photo I am holding my 2020 diary. I always buy a Redstone diary and this year, the theme is 'Dreams of Europe'. The cover photo is a semi-naked Bridget Bardot sunbathing, on what looks like a ...

Liz Bentley and Xmas Tesco Delivery Man

Bah humbug from Liz Bentley while waiting for the Tesco delivery man

I struggle with Xmas, but try my best to do the 'Merry Xmas' thing. It's exhausting to be happy, excited and full of joy, when inside the familiar feelings of isolation and detachment whirl around my head. I have to fight to them off as best I can, I don't ...

Thoughts on the election and accessible shopping – no delivery man this time!

These last few weeks have been difficult. Chronic insomnia and flu viruses affecting me and most of my family.  The general election on Thursday falls on ‘Perverse Verse’ my show I host at the Ivyhouse in Nunhead. It was supposed to be our Xmas Stocking show, it's changed into something ...

Liz with Tesco delivery man and big ben advent calendar

Liz Bentley’s thoughts about her time working in the NHS while waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man

I worked for over 10 years as a psychotherapist in the NHS, managing a counselling service at a Bermondsey GP surgery. My job consisted of giving all patients who were referred for counselling as much support as they needed.  We had good links with the Maudesly, the community mental health ...

Tesco delivery man and Liz

Thoughts on how would I ‘pick myself up’ now? While waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man (or occasionally Woman)

I love Ken Loach, I really, really love him. I’ve seen ‘Sorry We Missed You’ and ‘I Daniel Blake’ and last week I saw him on a chat show talking with a council tenant about the squalid accommodation and homelessness in our country. A man on the ‘phone-in’ to Ken ...

Liz with Joker card and Tesco Delivery Man

Extended thoughts about the ‘Joker’ while waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man

We all have a ‘Joker’ within us, I know mine and it isn’t nearly as severe as the ‘Joker’s’ in the film, but it is plenty enough to gain understanding in my work as a psychotherapist. In Primary Care where I worked for 12 years, one of my old patients ...

Julie holding Simple soap with Tesco Delivery Man

Packing in Mental Health Day and London Cocktail Week and waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man with Julie Andrews

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, Julie Andrews helped me with my Tesco delivery and we got out of the house and went to see Alice Cooper and the Stranglers at O2. To celebrate London Cocktail week I had a cocktail with Julie at the O2 while watching Alice Cooper ...

A ration book

Why waiting is an issue for Liz Bentley, while waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man (or ocassionally woman)

It is normal to have presents on Christmas morning but my parents made us wait until 3pm. We had to eat dinner (which I began throwing up age 16), wash up, walk the dog and then we’d sit down in the cold front room and Dad would put the Christmas ...