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Lizzy Le Quesne

Lizzy Le Quesne’s award-winning cross-media work in dance, text, photography and site-specific performance explores feeling states of being in the world, notions of freedom, and embodied becoming. It has been presented throughout Europe, in USA, Russia, South America, Japan. Lizzy teaches Skinner Releasing Technique and creative practice to professional dancers, in dance conservatoires, and in arts and health. Her writing on dance, art and somatics is published extensively in magazines, academic journals and books.

Posts by Lizzy Le Quesne

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Nervous Systems: Incessant feeling states and dance as life 

Lizzy Le Quesne discusses the crucial relationship within somatic processes between interior and exterior life. After a period of burnout and breakdown that brought her dance practice into crisis she asserts the value that perceived frailty can bring to a connection with the body through movement. My creative practice has arisen ...