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Magical Women

Change will only happen if it begins at the top and with the significant lack of neurodivergent and autistic female artist leaders in the arts, Elinor decided to set up Magical Women. Her own neurodivergent traits inform her practice and she safely journeys with contributors and participants to explore their power and voice using art. Magical Women calls for autistic/ADHD neurodivergent and survivor female artists to be trusted, believed and invested in to make work. No Magical Women participant, resident or contributor should ever feel at fault or to blame for their behaviours or traits. We welcome all audiences to our events, exhibitions and provide services to anyone who needs our neurodivergent thinking and processing style. Elinor runs Magical Women with a team of Access workers and Magical Women Resident contributors using her art industry background, Jungian art psychotherapy practice and mentorship experience to empower those who need it most.

Posts by Magical Women

Making Space for Art MW

What does an autistic/ADHD neurodivergent led art workshop look like?  

*Please note. (small d for deaf not big D is how the deaf participant identifies). We are voices of many. (Written in third person is part of Elinor's ND vocabulary and traits, she flips between they, we, I, her, she).  Development Magical Women was developed in mentoring sessions with Disability Arts Online’s ...

Intro to Magical Women: Follow us into the woods

  Alive the trees are hot under my feet, their roots I feel tremble beneath the earth. There is a swelling, under my toes, ripples. Stretch out to oceans, there is an untangling of ribbons flowing free. Like hope flying high with wind into cold shimmering skies. Like a star burst to the brim. We are Magical ...