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Maya Bailey

Maya’s love for writing only comes in second to her love of cats. As a self-proclaimed pop culture aficionado and amateur astrologer, when she is not trying to manage her Type 1 Diabetes she can be found writing a stream of consciousness about sex and living with a chronic illness. Can be found on Twitter and Instagram (both @mayyvobai3) where she showcases the best of the best of her Tiktok finds and commentary on her everyday life.

Posts by Maya Bailey

A matted dark grey background with Maya’s hands and forearm in the centre of the picture. Maya is holding a red phone and has dark and sparkly cooloured nails. The overlay of the hands have a yellow tint and the hands and arms are outlined with three different shades of yellow. On either side of the hands is Maya in a pose where her arm is behind her head exposing her sensor. These images are reflected however one has a pinkish.reddish overlay and the other has a purple overlay. Both are outlined in a magenta colour. Maya is in a sheer top and black skirt and is wearing her insulin pump

Survival of the Fittest

Maya Bailey conveys her life-saving relationship to the data that her phone stores alongside the communities that it brings her closer to. Technology. You can love it. You can hate it. But you cannot avoid it. Well, I can’t. As a self-confessed social media lingerer (I still log onto the Tumblr account ...

Headshot of a black woman holding a pencil