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Merry Cross

I am a long time disability activist – and feeling older by the minute! I’ve always written poetry but recently had my very first published in “Corona Verses:Poems from the Pandemic” (published by Roundhead). Having it chosen for this anthology kicked me up several gears and I’ve written loads since. So I am excited to have this new challenge of a poetry blog. Thanks Richard Downes and Deborah Caulfield for your encouragement.

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Promises, Promises. Cuddly Cummings clicked his pen Clucking like a mother hen Round his blond and fluffy chick, Fearing he’d do something thick. And Boris did. Shaking hands with all he could Bojo didn’t feel so good On the day the virus got him, And the nurses’ needles shot him. So Cummings hid. Briefings then by one and all (Each one just ...

Merry Cross