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Owen Lowery

Owen Lowery was born in 1968. Formerly a British Judo champion. He has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Bolton University, where he is completing his PhD. His poetry has appeared in Stand and PN Review, and has been listed in the Bridport Prize, the Welsh Open Poetry Competition, the Virginia Warbey Prize, and the International Sonnet Competition.

Posts by Owen Lowery

This is a plate from Wilfred Owen's 1920 Poems by Wilfred Owen, showing the author side-on, dressed in his military uniform

The war poetry of Keith Douglas, Alan Ross, Wilfred Owen and Edward Thomas

Owen Lowery, author of Otherwise Unchanged, published by Carcanet, and recipient of a recent Unlimited award offers a critique of the war poetry of Keith Douglas, Alan Ross, and Wilfred Owen. In contrasting the styles of these poets recording their experience of war, Lowery examines his own approach to recording ...

photograph taken at sunset of the back of Anthony Gormley’s iron man from a sculptural placement at Crosby Beach in Merseyside. There are quite a few iron men placed at various intervals along the beach, meaning that the tide comes over them to varying extents. They are quite famous around Liverpool because people are always dressing the iron men up in all kinds of strange clobber. I like them so much because they are representative of stillness and movement, travelling and not, at the same time. It is a wonderful and inspiring place to visit.

Owen Lowery: ‘Otherwise Unchanged’

Writing and studying poetry was initially part of Owen Lowery's recovery following a spinal injury incurred while competing in a charity judo tournament as a young professional sportsman. Having recently won an Unlimited Award, Lowery's first major poetry collection, Otherwise Unchanged, was published by Carcanet in 2012. The work speaks in a ...

Owen Lowery