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Julie Farrell

Julie Farrell is a disabled writer and accessibility consultant based in Edinburgh. She writes fiction and narrative non-fiction, and her young adult novel, Fractal, received a special mention from the Write Mentor Children’s Novel Award 2019. Disability, mental health and equality are prominent themes in her work.

Posts by Julie Farrell

3 young Arab women, two wearing headscarves, stand in front of a table smiling

Samar Ziadat – On the Realities of Arts Programming

Julie Farrell speaks to freelance curator, educator and activist, Samar Ziadat on the challenges of creating one’s own work, being passion-led, and making art accessible to all.  Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Samar Ziadat is the Director of Dardishi Festival, a festival of Arab and North African woman’s art, as well as ...

A seventies tower block set against a blue sky

Dying from Inequality – Why Universal Basic Income is the Solution

As the Covid-19 crisis looks set to devastate the economy, the arts ecology and disproportionately affect both disabled people and the self-employed, Diverse Critics writer Julie Farrell makes the case for Universal Basic Income as a means to lessen the impact of growing inequality. ‘It is the peculiar lowness of poverty ...

Film still, a white woman in orange coat leans against a cast iron structure in an icy landscape

Seeing the Unseen – why are autistic women so often overlooked?

Seeing the Unseen directed by Bjarney Lúðvíksdóttir and Kristján Kristjánsson is a documentary exploring the role that autism plays in the lives of 17 Icelandic women, and asking why autistic women and girls have remained invisible in society for so long. It showed at Glasgow Film Festival 2020 and is ...

Non-binary white person with brown hair, colourful vest top holding a cup and saucer

Harry Josephine Giles: ‘I woke up and the arts was gone.’

Award-winning writer and performer Harry Josephine Giles on the swift and crushing blow the current pandemic has delivered to the arts, and the politics of ever seeing it alive again. Harry Josephine Giles’ galvanizing work typically occurs ‘in the crunchy places where performance and politics get muddled up’ with the aim ...

Julie Farrell