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Pearl Findlay

Pearl is a disabled freelance writer and producer based in Cardiff. Her interests lie in visual arts, film. Social justice and current affairs. She has worked for the BBC and Channel 4 News in London and Manchester; most notably on the award winning disability film feature ‘No Go Britain’. She also is a Trustee for Disability Arts Shropshire (DASH) and is a practicing photographic artist. Pearl graduated in from Swansea in 2012 studying Photojournalism and Photography in the Arts.

Posts by Pearl Findlay

Juan delGado: Altered Landscapes and the devastation of war

Pearl Findlay explores Altered Landscapes of Juan delGado’s highly personal multi-media exhibition, tracing a personal narrative through the scarred vistas of Europe and recording the journeys taken by refugees, many from Syria and northern Iraq, during the artists' travels to Greece, Macedonia and Calais The exhibition starts outside the door: a ...