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Peter Street

Peter Street's blog covers a variety of publications by the author - including current memoir-writing and his fifth poetry volume 'Listening to the Dark', which was published by Penniless Press in August 2012.

Posts by Peter Street

artwork of a black african figure against a beige background

Peter Street: Conversations In Colour

Following a conversation in Disability Arts Online's Facebook Group Peter Street selected a few artists' work that he wanted to write poetry in response to. Here he explains his writing process and shares poetry in response to the works of Rachel Gadsden, Elinor Rowlands, Jo Paul and Michelle Baharier. It was ...

photo of Professor Fred Whitehead standing in front of a poster saying 'Welcome to the working class movement library.

Mad Dogs and Me: Part Two

16th Street, Kansas City the late summer heat was hitting 95 degrees. I walked a mile or so down from Fred Whiteread’s house, down past all the Stars and Stripes waving at me and then a line of Croatian flags, giving  me flashbacks of the time in Croatia as a ...

photo of author Peter Street outside a plaque detailing the establishment of Albuquerque

Mad Dogs and Me

Tuesday 24. 3. 09 Like any other morning: Tablets. Coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Boring, until hand written letter with a Kansas City postmark from a Professor Fred Whitehead (retired) Missouri Uni’ Kansas City? Dear Peter Street, I very much enjoyed reading about you in The Guardian Newspaper: James Morrison's: "Accidental Poet" Guardian: 17th ...

black and white photo of the poet as a young lad, being held by his mother

‘Listening to the Dark’ a selection of poetry by Peter Street

Published by The Penniless Press, Listening to the Dark is Street's fifth volume, which includes a diverse range of topics from growing up in Bolton, living with disability, his experience as a war poet in Croatia and voicing the concerns of plants and trees. At school, Street struggled to spell or ...

Peter Street