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Raju Rage

Raju Rage is an artist, writer, educator and activist concerned with the body, embodiment, and how bodies are impacted by structures and cultures. Their current interests are value, care, wellbeing and resistance. Raju has a theirstory in self- and collective-organised queer/ transgender/ people of colour movements and creative projects. They're a member of Action For Trans Health and Collective Creativity. [Image description: Raju Rage, photographed by Arron Leppard. Raju, a South Asian person, smiles above the camera while standing in front of a green wall. They have stud earrings and a short-cropped chin beard and moustache. They're wearing a black hat snapped back, and a suit top with striped and floral patterns in green, blue, purple, black and light brown.] Photograph by Arron Leppard.

Posts by Raju Rage

Drawing of an anatomical heart with the initials of the artist above it ('K.A.') against a solid black background with a red heard in the corner. White block text reads: 'I love our access intimacy

Access Intimacy and Institutional Ableism: Raju Rage on the problem with ‘inclusion’

Artist and writer Raju Rage unpacks what our futures can be if we reject false overtures from people with power. Rage describes their desire to find more meaningful 'access intimacy' for people marginalised by arts institutions, acknowledging this might need to be outside of existing frameworks. There are many words for ...

Raju Rage