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Raman Mundair

Raman Mundair is an Indian-born, queer, disabled, writer, artist and activist based in Shetland and Glasgow. She has published award-winning poetry, fiction, drama and non-fiction, as well as performing and exhibiting her artwork internationally. Raman is editor of Incoming: Some Shetland Voices, presenter of Intersectional Voices (IV) podcast [], and founder of EKTA – an intersectional feminist space on Facebook. [Image description: Self-portrait of Raman Mundair. Raman is an Indian woman wearing metallic hoop earrings, a nose ring, and pink lipstick with glittery grey eye shadow. Her hair is swept to one side and is long, black and curly. She's wearing a black blouse and a necklace with a small seashell.]

Posts by Raman Mundair

Photograph of several oranges floating in murky water, shot from below the waterline

Being In Process and Inertia: Raman Mundair on writing and dancing with and through pain

Raman Mundair reflects on her life and art as a disabled queer woman of colour in Scotland. She raises pressing questions about how UK society and arts communities fail chronically-ill and immunocompromised people, especially BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour) and QTIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex, people of colour). The article ...

Raman Mundair