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Sez Thomasin

Sez Thomasin is a Sheffield based performance poet, host of Verse Matters spoken word night, and part of the poetry collective NeurodiVERSE. Their poetry collection about autistic experience, Historical Plans Of How Romans Made Drains, is available from Picaroon.

Posts by Sez Thomasin

Zoom on a screen

Spoken Word On-Screen: How To Make Your Virtual Event Really Accessible

Sez Thomasin is an autistic poet and poetry host who has learned a few lessons in what to think about when producing online spoken word events. Here are some of their findings. Since the UK went into lockdown, our spoken word scene has transformed. Even as we wait anxiously to see ...

person behind mic, eyes closed, hands flapping

The Autistic Temperament

In a Guest Editorship looking at emerging disabled artists, Lisette Auton commissioned Sez Thomasin, autistic, gender-queer poet, to write about their experience of neurodiversity and their route into a creative life. They discuss the hurdles, the belonging, and the 'what if' for others who are denied creativity by the prescriptive ...

Sez Thomasin