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Shadowlight Artists

The award-winning Shadowlight Artists, are a unique group of very talented and ambitious artists with learning disabilities. They meet regularly to make their own group decisions, and have a self-reported need for further opportunities to create and exhibit their art. They also like to share their skills with other people with learning disabilities, by running creative workshops in art, filmmaking and drama. They are supported by Film Oxford, an Education and Arts Charity based in Oxford. The group have broken new ground (incl. UK's first playwright with a learning disability), won National Awards, performed and exhibited locally, around the UK and abroad. In 2017 Richard Hunt was the first artist with a learning disability to win the Shape Open National Art Prize. The Shadowlight Artists have started working on a new Arts Council funded project with the working title “Platform” which will exhibit in 2018. YouTube:

Posts by Shadowlight Artists

White learning disabled man dancing expressively in a forest

Shadowlight Artists LUMINOUS Exhibition

LUMINOUS is the latest project by the Shadowlight Artists - a group of seven Oxfordshire artists with learning disabilities, established in 2009. Commencing in Autumn 2019, the LUMINOUS project has come to be defined by the lockdown, which has presented significant additional challenges to people with learning disabilities. As the ...

Shadowlight Artists celebrate 10 years

Photo from left: Tom Breach (illustrator and animator), Mark Hemsworth (photographer and filmmaker), Wendy Belcher (filmmaker and performer), Chris Oakley (Creative Advisor), Russell Highsmith (playwright), Danny Smith (performer and painter), Richard Hunt (painter and mixed media artist) and Lucy Skuce (installation artist and filmmaker) Shadowlight Artists celebrate 10 years, international festival ...

Shadowlight Artists group with Old Fire Station Gallery curator Sarah Mossop (lest to right Wendy Belcher, Russell Highsmith, Mark Hemsworth, Danny Smith, Tom Breach, Richard Hunt, Sarah Mossop and Lucy Skuce.

Playlist – Shadowlight Artists: Rising

The Shadowlight Artists is a group of professional artists with learning disabilities based in Oxfordshire supported by the arts charity Film Oxford. The group's new project Shadowlight Artists: Rising was exhibited in October/November 2018 across two galleries in Oxford, spanning installation, painting, theatrical production, and film. The eight new films ...

Danny Smith - Fishgod

Shadowlight Artists: Rising

The Shadowlight Artists, who all have learning disabilities, are over 50% through their new Arts Council of England funded project "Shadowlight Artists: Rising". The group are either part way through, or have completed their individual projects. They have also created a new group website The exhibition phase is confirmed for ...

Shadowlight Artists September 2017 Meeting, with Sara Lowes from Modern art Oxford

Shadowlight Artists news October 2017

It has been a very busy time for the Shadowlight Artists over the last couple of months. As well as having two group planning meetings, each individual artist has started work on their new individual projects. Sara Lowes from Modern Art Oxford attended the September meeting as she is giving ...

Shadowlight Artists at their August 2017 meeting

Shadowlight Artists – August 2017 meeting

Each month the Shadowlight Artists meet to discuss news, their individual work and to plan group productions, exhibitions and other activities. The group had news that their group production "Landscapes" and Richard Hunt's individual film "Amazing Art", had been selected to be exhibited at the Oksa Bright Film Festival 15th-17th November. ...

Richard Hunt of the Shadowlight Artists with support from Oxford Artist Sonia Boue

New mixed media work from Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt with support from Sonia Boue recently completed two mixed media pieces on board, "Oh Winged Dove of a yellow river" and "The Sparkle of the Pear". Richard normally works on canvas and wanted to experiment with different media. Richard is a founding member of the Shadowlight artists, and ...