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Simone Aspis

Simone Aspis is a disabled woman with a learning difficulties label with 20 years experience of disability activism. Simone started out as a trainee assistant producer for BBC’s From The Edge and Does He Take Sugar. After 2 years of reporting on how other disabled people have changed the world I decided I wanted to be part of the disability rights activism that included securing the Disability Discrimination and Equality Acts, Direct Payments and the UN Conventions Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Posts by Simone Aspis

the author photgraphed at an inclusive education rally

What’s wrong with the representation of people with learning difficulties in the media?

Simone Aspis examines what is lost when the voices of people with learning difficulties are excluded from the media Over the past decade or so the media has begun to take on board that they should diversify the representation of different groups of people including those with learning difficulties in their ...

Simone Aspis