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Sonia Boué

Sonia Boué is a neurodivergent visual artist, blogger, and consultant for arts organisations. She has a multiform practice with a focus on themes of exile and displacement. She is also currently film artist on the AHRC funded Playing A/Part Project, exploring the identities and experiences of autistic girls and adolescents through creative and participatory research. Her work includes assemblage, installation, painting, performance and video. She has also gained several Arts Council England awards to research autistic leadership, and in 2017 she founded WEBworks, which is a peer support and mentoring network for neurodivergent artists. Sonia was recently appointed Board Member of A-N.

Posts by Sonia Boué

Amazon box with a pipe and deerstalker hat

Kongress: Thinking outside the box on barriers for neurodivergents in the arts

Flow Observatorium was awarded Arts Council England funding in 2020 for Kongress, a project to research the barriers for Neurodivergent people in the arts. Sonia Boué reflects on the significance of the project and the commissions, which include her own photographic series Outside the Box.  Disability Arts Online · Kongress: Thinking ...

White woman with glasses wearing tights on her head and looking through a pair of open scissors

A Day in the Life of an Artist: Sonia Boué

Continuing our series exploring the day-to-day working practices of disabled artists, Sonia Boué lets us into her world, explaining how her work has adapted to lockdown conditions. Disability Arts Online · It’s nine weeks into lockdown in the UK at the time of writing, and I’ve taken to washing bananas. I’m ...

Group of people admiring an art exhibtion

Slaughtering the Sacred Cows: a reflection

On Wednesday 11 March, Anna Berry hosted a public conference, Disability Arts: Slaughtering the Sacred Cows at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham as part of her curatorial residency there. Panellists included Aaron Williamson, Aidan Moesby, Trish Wheatley, Sonia Boué, Tom Shakespeare, and Manick Govinda. Sonia Boué gives her reflections on the ...

Four people sit behind a table as a panel debate

A critical look at critical reviews of disabled artists

Sonia Boue considers the role of criticism and 'mainstream' approval in the career development of neurodivergent artists, following her attendance at the Contested Spaces closing event at the Foundry, London on 9 January. The event consisted of a panel chaired by curator Aidan Moesby featuring Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art ...