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Steph Robson

Steph Robson is a blogger and creative activist who uses online, writing and photography as platforms to talk about Dwarfism and Disability. In October 2018 Steph showed her photographic exhibition 'You're Just Little' that revealed the challenges, obstacles and societal assumptions people with Dwarfism face on a daily basis. Along with challenging the use of the gallery space, the participatory element included the showcasing of viewpoints from across the spectrum of dwarf conditions, enabling people with Dwarfism to control their own narratives in an arts setting.

Posts by Steph Robson

four hands of different coloured skin grasp each other

Disconsortia: a safe space to experiment and to speak freely

As part of a series of artistic responses and reflections on the artist-led initiative Disconsortia, emerging artist Steph Robson aka Hello Little Lady talks about her engagement with the north-east based consortium, supported by Disability Arts Online through our D4D project. Disability Arts Online · Disconsortia: a space to experiment and ...

messy desk

Lady Kitt – Mess Making as Social Glue

As part of Lisette Auton's Guest Editorship, emerging North East blogger, photographer and creative activist Steph Robson interviews paper cutter, drag king, performer and practitioner Lady Kitt about their creative activism, with advice for other Northern disabled artists trying to find their way as a practitioner. When directing the anger and ...