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Susan McKinstery

Susan McKinstery lives in Glasgow with her partner and two cats. She works for an LGBT mental health project, and is a disability rights campaigner and occasional writer. In her spare time she enjoys interjecting obscure quotes from her favourite films into any and all conversations. [Image description: Selfie of a white woman with short blonde hair and glasses wearing a black cardigan. She sits in her flat, and smiles at the camera].

Posts by Susan McKinstery

Book cover of Ely Percy's Vicky Romeo plus Joolz in a comic book style. I shows a white blonde butch woman wearing a shirt and jeans leaning against a bathroom mirror. Reflected in the mirror is a femme woman stylistically coloured pink with long hair, who is writing the title of the book in lipstick on the mirror.

Young and Queer: Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz, Ely Percy’s Novel in Turn-of-the-Millennium Glasgow

Ely Percy is a neurodivergent, queer, agender and working-class Scottish fiction writer and memoirist. Their first novel, Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz, is a humorous queer romance set in early 21st-century Glasgow. Reviewed by Glasgow-based writer Susan McKinstery. Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz is by turns a touching emotional account and a knowing ...

Susan McKinstery