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Susie McComb

Susie McComb is a poet, spoken-word artist and scholar based in Durham. She has performed at events including the T-Junction International Poetry Festival and Lindisfarne Festival, taken Reserve Champion prize at the Say Owt and Sharrow Festival slams, and qualified for the semi-final heat of the Great Northern Slam. She has also been published in Antiphon, and will be presenting a paper at the forthcoming 'Rhyme and Rhyming in Verbal Art and Song' conference in Helsinki.

Posts by Susie McComb

Woman behind microphone

Susie McComb – Rhyme, Hypomania and Me

Susie McComb is an emerging spoken word artist on the North East scene. Lisette Auton asked Susie to write about what the term 'emerging' means to her, her journey into spoken word, and what it feels like to finally find your tribe. 'Emerging spoken-word artist' is a term I've begun to ...

Susie McComb