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Will Reynolds

Will Reynolds, a some-time stand up, writer, and all round creative type. Used to throw things at a professional level. A voracious reader, there will be book chat.. Stick around if you want to hear the ramblings of cricket and football obsessed, Pogues mega-fan with CP.

Posts by Will Reynolds

political cartoon

Disability Activism in Lockdown

Activism within the disabled community is becoming more and more important, considering the political state of the world at the moment. Activism as a whole has taken a more central role in society generally since the BLM Movement. But like all the equality movements in the world right now should ...

A Poem I wrote while on Hold to PIP

Congratulations, you were born disabled But be warned You’ll spend your life on hold And filling in forms  Congratulations, you were born disabled Be prepared To contort and conform So they leave you alone  Congratulations, you were born disabled Are you ready To beg and to borrow Just to pay the bills Congratulations, you were born disabled Welcome to life As a second class ...

Head short of a young white man with long curly hair