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election results (pretending its satire tho)

more genuine news screengrabs - layered or placed alongside to tell the truth more truthfully - crabs in the bucket prime minister and home secretary, trump & salmond; or for light relief lord sir kier and vegetables

Jolene as a child in Classical Indian Dance pose

The View from Goa

Jolene Dias shares her experience of growing up in India and pursuing her artistic ambitions in England. An Early Love of the Arts My name is Maria Antonia Jolene Dias, and I am known as Jolene. I am originally from Goa.  I have Muscular Dystrophy but this has not deterred me from ...

cartoon about broken promises

Crippen asks why Liz Kendall ignored disabled-led social care plans in major speech

You may remember a blog I did about Keir Starmer’s election campaign and his promise to make fundamental reforms, including a ...

The Challenge; Uncertain Haikus

August 2019. Brexit. Remain, Leave. Will there be an election/a referendum. Nuclear war between Pakistan and India? Trump and Johnson. Racists/racists? Extinction Rebellion. How long do we have to live? The challenge for the September meeting of the Highgate Society Poetry Group is simply What Next? A poem for uncertain times. All these big issues. I am walking ...

cartoon about young people's research

Crippen hears about an exciting project run and controlled by young disabled people

An exciting new project, RIP:STARS which is run and controlled by young disabled people, has issued its findings on the quality of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and whether they meet disabled children and young people’s rights.

Hell on the NHS

It's not news to people that mental health systems are underfunded and barely hanging on. What a lot of people don't know, unless they have been in it or follow artists like me, is that the ideology behind the mental health system is under the surface about coercion, control, and ...

Photo of reeds and trees coloured in neon pink, orange & green

Acorn; Day and Night

The first two lines here are as how I remember Yoko Ono’s Earth Piece V. Her instruction must have been positive but I’m inclined some times to the negative. Today is 31st July 2019. Boris Johnson has been PM for a week. Elected by the Tories not the people. His ...

latest con buster

Satirical collage featuring Boris Johnson eating an ice cream under the headlines a new form of crim and the hot vax summer

Walls. Fences, Bridges

Ask anyone. I photograph trees. Less well known I photograph walls and fences. They fascinate me. Make me question. I built my own walls. I lived inside fences. I stepped outside both into new worlds by mending bridges.     Walls. Fences, BridgesWalls. What are they there forTo keep in or keep outTo make a ...

a cartoon about calous attitudes of benefits assessors

Crippen discovers that outsourcing companies have sent almost no safeguarding referrals to councils

The three companies used by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to carry out benefit assessments have been faced with repeated criticisms over their links to deaths and serious harm caused to disabled benefit claimants. Disability Arts Online · ...