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Practice in a Digital World

Back in January I was awarded an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant to develop and adapt my work as an artist and collaborator during the pandemic and beyond. This project draws particular attention to the pandemics impact on the limited mobility of Disabled People in these extraordinary times!‘Practice ...

freedom day

so prime minister alexander boris de pfeffel johnson has succeeded in pinging himself, javid & sunak & all are in isolation as a result.  get in.  tho a few more (gove & patel for starters) could also get pinged, anyone got their #?  meanwhile heres something we prepared earlier    

the con partys endless war part xxx

from boris fixed it satirical cut-ups      

political round up

more screengrab couldnt make it ups

Collage of Boris Johnson holding a string of sausages overlaid with headlines Triumphantly Creepy Mail on Sunday, bodies pile high, I have a smaller penis than my girlfriend's

more con busters – bodies pile high

  taken from ongoing con busters

Walls. Fences, Bridges

Ask anyone. I photograph trees. Less well known I photograph walls and fences. They fascinate me. Make me question. I built my own walls. I lived inside fences. I stepped outside both into new worlds by mending bridges.     Walls. Fences, BridgesWalls. What are they there forTo keep in or keep outTo make a ...

Disability Venn Diagram with two overlapping circles. The top circle says 'Not Disabled Enough' and has a corresponding list with things like: thrown off benefits, seen as scrounger, etc. The bottom circle says 'Too Disabled' and its list says: No ventilator if you get Covid, seen as burden, etc. The overlapping middle says: the right amount of disabled and is linked to Inspiration Porn

The Double Bind of Being Disabled & The Glory of Cutting Those Shackles

I know social media is essential if you want to raise your profile as a creative. I spend no more than 15 minutes a day on social media to protect both my mental health and because time is precious to me and I want to squeeze as much into the ...

the daily spaff. prototypes 1 & 2

the daily spaff. prototypes 1 & 2. daily briefing from a closet inside drowning street. gut reaction raw-theatre (roar-theatre) improvised to camera, no writing / thinking (very govern-mental). (haircut took a while tho ...

votelove sending all some urgent comms

aka messaging.  meanwhile 'senior labour sauces' urge lord sir kier to 'show some ankle'.  what do they even think this means?  are they with countylines gove?  heres some satire to add to the valentines day mascara / massacre / sheltering in place