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the daily spaff. prototypes 1 & 2

the daily spaff. prototypes 1 & 2. daily briefing from a closet inside drowning street. gut reaction raw-theatre (roar-theatre) improvised to camera, no writing / thinking (very govern-mental). (haircut took a while tho ...

votelove sending all some urgent comms

aka messaging.  meanwhile 'senior labour sauces' urge lord sir kier to 'show some ankle'.  what do they even think this means?  are they with countylines gove?  heres some satire to add to the valentines day mascara / massacre / sheltering in place       

learn to love yr madnesses – album of sound-art from gobscure

weve written for dao before about mad sound, a logical response to an insane world. in our rants weve pointed out how 'canon' is the wrong shape - canon is the then foreign secretary (now prime minister)

A pile of paper on a printer with more paper coming out of the printer and even more paper in the background.

Propulsion for 2021

I’m looking forward to introducing my new project – Propulsion, Learning and Sharing. Funded by Arts Council, I’ll be looking at my own disabilities and working out what my access needs are moving forward, along with interviewing other disabled artists about how they manage their own access needs. I’ve seen some ...

turn the book around e.p.

4 tracks of sound art culled from many sources longterm including residencies with dash, cesta & our associateship with greyscale theatre leading to touring

Satirical collage featuring Boris Johnson having his temperature checked whilst wearing a face mask,
dramatically-lit photo of artist gary thomas sitting with his chin resting in his right hand

Round up of 2020

Happy New Year to you all!

I actually started a blog on confidence & what happens to it when it goes. Like seriously, where DOES it go???But I honestly lost confidence in it. Which sounds silly but is actually true. I feel like I lost a bit of confidence as 2020

New Year Madness Sale Now On

It's time for the sales! Who wants some madness at a reduced price? Why not part exchange some of your sanity for a better deal. This year has been a year where our stock of madness has been stuck in the warehouse due to lockdown, and people have been force ...

Collage representing the arts sector as an impenetrable fortress which tkaes the form of a square mandala

DNR_RND: Risk Harassment

Is it time the art sector started to assimilate to disabled artists rather than harassing us to assimilate to their world? Attending zoom meetings and talks during the pandemic highlighted this lack of presence of people with protected characteristics or, in some cases the same few people (with protected ...

A visual representation of disabling barriers.

Disability equality is passé. Inclusion is old school. Access is now!

The subject of disabling barriers is deeply boring, tedious and time-consuming. Ask any funder, curator, commissioner, or other provider of arts opportunities what they think and what they do about disabling barriers, and they react in one of two ways.

  1. They think you're (just) a university student writing a