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Angry face showing teeth. Vibrant, clashing colour, translucent in places.

Keeping calm. Drawing a picture!

problem ... who said anything about a problem ... everything is fine

digital image incorporating part of a car against an abstract series of layered textures

New sketchbook studies

  It is difficult starting a new project. Having to develop a new visual language, to communicate new ideas, and when those ideas are connected to your own wellbeing, both physical and mental, it can be very hard to remain emotionally detached from what you are doing. I have felt some anxiety ...

Depressed Search Engine

Depressed Search Engine

I have already created a website experiencing psychosis  Today I decided to create a depressed search engine insisting that there isn't any point to looking for what you want. I have self-hate in my programming too, the anti-virus is not sanity, that only makes my system crash again and again. To that end, ...

Still life with teapot & mugs. Biro and crayon on paper.

So it was. And here it is!

Once in a while, every so often, I get the urge to draw. No use fighting it. And so it was, that one day last October, l set the table. Years before, I had set my students a similar drawing exercise consisting of mugs and a check tablecloth. Nothing like a grid for ...

photo of the lower half of Katherine's face, focussing on a black dot on the lip

SickBitchCrips – Doing Fuck All, Because We Can

2016 is here and the diseased continue living and the deceased continue dying. Hand transplant is fresh and SickBitchCrips are queuing up, desperate to be rid of their limp fingers. Salad Fingers is a non-contender. IS (Income Support) continue to kill the lame and weak, and there is widespread fear of ...

Black and white face with zig-zag rainbow across face.

Tribute to David Bowie, whose music I didn’t much like

David Bowie has died age 69. He had cancer. And by all accounts he stayed strong and cheerful to the end. For this he deserves credit and respect. I didn't rate his stuff much. His voice never appealed to me. I thought I liked Rebel Rebel till I checked the lyrics, now I'm not ...


Its Monday, it's January, I'm sick again.

abstract image using a series of striped layers

Remember to enjoy

With Christmas coming, I have decided to write my blog early as I know it will be a bit mad in the next few weeks. Likewise, I have been working on my artwork in haste, knowing I will get few opportunities during the holiday, and for the past few days, ...

Guide on how to look after your bum bum - a red leaflet Surrounded by arseholes,

My ‘Mindless Guides’ leaflet on ‘How to look after your bum bum for depot’

Surrounded by arseholes, it is good to have an arse that stands out, although some will argue, that’s half the problem. But how better to show your recovery by looking after your bum.  Let it be so beautiful when they inject it, they feel shame at tarnishing such sexiness. Here are my ...

A selfie taken with a special Rostrum Camera of NDACA archivist Alex Cowan, he has tape around his mouth and his eyes closed, with detritus surrounding him

NDACA: From the past, the future…

Since July 2015 I’ve been working with the artists and organisations whose pledges are going to form much of the NDACA (National Disability Arts Collection & Archive) collection. They’ve put up with my visits and questions and finalised what they think best illustrates the Disability Arts Movement and the ...