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theatre that should blow your mind (british theatre guide)

review on british theatre guide website by Helen Brown yu can’t start revolutions sitting on yr arse - by gobscure bilingual ...

Artwork done on cardboard with a clenched red fist and the words you can't start revolutions sitting on your arse painted in black

yu cant start revolutions sitting on yr arse

yu can't start revolutions sitting on yr arse bilingual film (BSL and english) written by gobscure us on homelessness, love&rage

A group of actors on a film set

The making of Speak To Me Listen To Me

I’m Katerina (Kitty) Holmes. I’m a young disabled writer and artist. I’ve worked with Unspoken and independently with my own company Ignite Arts. This article is about a film that was commissioned by BBC New Creatives in 2019 and made together with Resource Productions, called 'Speak ...

black and white still of a man and a woman wearing face masks

The System Is SIC K

When Covid-19 threatened to halt their next play, Wakefield based theatre group, Red Shed Players, turned the script into a film, titled SIC K. The docu-drama is based on interviews and encounters with sick and disabled people who have struggled to claim benefits due to the torturous system enforced by ...

Black learning-disabled drag artist

Oska Bites: Love Bite, Review by David Sheppeard

Oska Bright Film Festival, the world’s leading learning disability film festival based in Brighton, continues its online series of award-winning short films Oska Bites, with Love Bite, a programme which looked at LGBTQ+ and learning disability culture on film. All the films featured in Oska Bites programmes are made ...

I Cannot Stand By and Watch this Happen Any More. How Can I Make Them See?

Neurodivergent and Magical Women artist, Gemma Abbott calls for an end to ableism towards Neurodivergent artists. The Effect of Lockdown on Worldwide Communities 2020 has been an interesting year so far. And watching from a distance, from within the walls of our houses, has helped to clarify some things. It has ...

7 people in a Zoom video call

Getting to know the DAO staff team

DAO Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey presents a film introducing you to the whole Disability Arts Online team. Expect a mixture of both silly and serious questions...

Photograph of white non-binary person holding up a candle next to an image of an older white male in a picture frame

on drowning street erasing the d-word (disability) under covid19

recently received a northern broadsides digital squad commission - the 3 mazer films have now gone live alongside interviews. mazer are about multiple things - including how since covid19 drowning street declared eugenics and also disappeared the d-word (disability) so ...

Check out the Gig Buddies campaign

Gig Buddies is a programme by national charity, Stay Up Late, that supports people with learning disabilities to see live music through their volunteering befriending service. In response to the coronavirus lockdown, the charity has brought many of its services online including; virtual coffee mornings, art clubs, evening socials and ...

Transformation: changing minds

Transformation is a new creative vlog series from DAO Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey. Deen expresses feelings about lockdown, both positive and negative, from the perspective of an autistic creative person. Deen also publishes content on his own YouTube Channel as D. H. Tarzan.