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CRIPtic Arts | Tom Ryalls Podcast Episode 2

In this second episode Mik Scarlet sits down with Tom Ryalls to discuss all things CRIPtic, the Barbican performance and more. Tom is a writer and theatre maker who creates 'childish' shows for an adult audience. He provides people with the opportunity to be playful and to examine the systems ...

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What does the world of the Dragon Cello look like?

Director Kate Lovell describes creating films for Define Your Journey’s digital journey through a dragon-eye lens Trudging through long grass with my youngest daughter strapped to my front, I emerge from an archway of tree branches into open fields and across the expanse, I see it, standing proud: the enigmatic relic ...

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A Thorne in the side

It was so refreshing to hear the television writer Jack Thorne recently giving a James MacTaggart lecture. It's a keynote address that's part of the annual The Edinburgh International Television Festival. I punched the air as Thorne crackles with emotion through this broadcast. He comes across as kind of astonished, ...

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Mirrored to the core

We have gradually evolved the ‘Mirrored to the core (Schizophrenic love)’ project, when I was dealing with the early concepts it was quite dry. I began to bring warmth to the work as I developed the characters, adding a playfulness and intelligence to the leading roles. As the project moved ...

the daily spaff. prototypes 1 & 2

the daily spaff. prototypes 1 & 2. daily briefing from a closet inside drowning street. gut reaction raw-theatre (roar-theatre) improvised to camera, no writing / thinking (very govern-mental). (haircut took a while tho ...

Thrive Aid – A New Video

You may have already seen the haigas (haiku with images) we presented as a contribution to Thrive Aid - an international event in support of disabled artists during the pandemic.I offered a film to the organisers in Philadelphia but didn't have the skills to pull it off myself so just ...

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Round up of 2020

Happy New Year to you all!

I actually started a blog on confidence & what happens to it when it goes. Like seriously, where DOES it go???But I honestly lost confidence in it. Which sounds silly but is actually true. I feel like I lost a bit of confidence as 2020

theatre that should blow your mind (british theatre guide)

review on british theatre guide website by Helen Brown yu can’t start revolutions sitting on yr arse - by gobscure bilingual ...

Artwork done on cardboard with a clenched red fist and the words you can't start revolutions sitting on your arse painted in black

yu cant start revolutions sitting on yr arse

yu can't start revolutions sitting on yr arse bilingual film (BSL and english) written by gobscure us on homelessness, love&rage

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The making of Speak To Me Listen To Me

I’m Katerina (Kitty) Holmes. I’m a young disabled writer and artist. I’ve worked with Unspoken and independently with my own company Ignite Arts. This article is about a film that was commissioned by BBC New Creatives in 2019 and made together with Resource Productions, called 'Speak ...