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portrait of an older white male


Hello folks. And with the ‘Covid’-related things we’re all having to go through, right now, isn’t it all about finding productive outlets, despite..? Myself, I like to take problems they’re talking about, on the news, & adapting a pop song to raise approaches they might be thinking about instead… Such as... ‘Rotting Goods...’ ...

photo of a red latern against a dark background

Digital instrument development for Define Your Journey

Director and dramaturg on Define Your Journey, Kate Lovell, writes about her experience testing out painting with sound. I joked with Jo-anne about wishing I didn’t have to wear my director’s hat and keep us focused on our meeting agenda. Instead I wanted to don my jester’s hat and let us ...

album cover from the 1960s of a white man reclining on a sofa

I Hate The White Man

This past day or so I've been holding down so much anger at all the shit going down. We've got a new Nationality and Borders Bill going through parliament, which further criminalises people seeking asylum promising prison sentences so the white men who lord it over us can make ...

graphic with a series of circular coloured lights againt a black background

Define Your Journey receives Arts Council funding for interactive digital research and development

Jo: Triggered by neurodivergent access issues elsewhere, I am weak and wobbly, but not quite defeated as I slowly emerge from a severe relapse. The path ahead will not be easy, and other obstacles may present, but for now I am excited to announce Arts Council funding of my interactive ...

Liz, The Tesco Delivery Man and The Grape Reset

Liz, Tesco Delivery Man and the Grape Reset

Nearly twenty years ago, with financial help from the Millennium Awards, I set up weekly writing as therapy workshops for people with MS, ME, any other autoimmune disease, and carers. It was called ‘ManuScript Expression’. We met in a pod at the top of Peckham library. My mantra as the ...

A an older man's face looks away from the camera against the backdrop of a brick wall

Black Widow 8

Aye!! New to Black Widow or failing to follow her thread. Why not go back to chapter 1.Soundfile added due to the editor's prurient interest. Let me know how it sounds Chapter 8I never saw Julia coming with her line of questioning. I never knew she would cause fireworks to ...

learn to love yr madnesses – album of sound-art from gobscure

weve written for dao before about mad sound, a logical response to an insane world. in our rants weve pointed out how 'canon' is the wrong shape - canon is the then foreign secretary (now prime minister)

turn the book around e.p.

4 tracks of sound art culled from many sources longterm including residencies with dash, cesta & our associateship with greyscale theatre leading to touring

A white non-binary person with a shaved head and quiff and mixed Caribbean and white man with long dreadlocks.

Deen Hallissey interviews activist Dennis Queen

DAO's Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey finds a 'soulmate' in musician and activist Dennis Queen as they talk about activism, dressing up, hairstyles and shared musical interests. (The film is captioned, which can be turned on or off on the YouTube controls by clicking the CC button) A transcript of the film is ...

Album cover featuring drawn red flowers and text which reads punk, used to light fuses (especially fireworks) zoonpolitikon (political-animal) gobscure 20 c.e..

zoonpolitikon (political-animal) – new album from gobscure

a punk is literally a smoulder-stick used to light fireworks, Serj Tankians talking armenia (Elif Shafaks big system of a down fan and she's amazing new words out), while napalm deaths a bellyful of salt and spleen in ever-howl against injustice powerful as ever, meanwhile 'playlist curators' chat 'how death ...