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Blog - Performing Arts

I (still) Dream of Resting Spaces

I’ve lived with chronic pain for 14 years, and that means I need to lie down (a lot). For a while my world got really small. And so in 2016 I began to play with lying down in public so I could be out in the world more: I ...

photo of a red latern against a dark background

Digital instrument development for Define Your Journey

Director and dramaturg on Define Your Journey, Kate Lovell, writes about her experience testing out painting with sound. I joked with Jo-anne about wishing I didn’t have to wear my director’s hat and keep us focused on our meeting agenda. Instead I wanted to don my jester’s hat and let us ...

The Handjob Maiden

Liz Bentley as The Handjob Maiden Delivery Woman

Among other things, I am writing the sequel to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. This book I am also converting into a screen play where I play the main character ‘Ofrupert’. The one and only Handjob Maiden left on the planet. The Handjob Maiden’s Tale is set in a totalitarian society ...

Born to Rock

Phil Emberson talks about his rock star son Alro and the value of getting active together The original premise for this article was to tell the story of my son and his dancing. However, I’m going to twist that into how the dancing has affected us, his parents. Our son ...

Liz and Rosie Wilby at 'The Breakup Monologues' book launch

Liz Bentley Delivery Woman – just keep on keeping on

Rosie Wilby’s book launch ‘The Break-up Monologues’. Quote: “Statistically speaking lesbians go through more break-ups in a lifetime than anyone else.” And Liz Bentley I'm only 2 per cent lesbian. My blog ‘From Essex to London in 101 boyfriends’ reveals 101 break-ups. Maybe that’s why Rosie and I have gotten on so ...

this image shows Catherine on stage, performing with her performing arts charity Buzz-AH!

A Star is Born: Singer and now Dancer Catherine Pugh on Moving ‘Like a Dancer’

My name is Catherine Pugh. I’m from North Wales and I have Diplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy.  I am part of the Administrative Team for the NHS Physiotherapy Department at the Community Hospital in my area. My other part of life has been running Buzz-AH! a performing arts charity that I founded ...

graphic with a series of circular coloured lights againt a black background

Define Your Journey receives Arts Council funding for interactive digital research and development

Jo: Triggered by neurodivergent access issues elsewhere, I am weak and wobbly, but not quite defeated as I slowly emerge from a severe relapse. The path ahead will not be easy, and other obstacles may present, but for now I am excited to announce Arts Council funding of my interactive ...

Jolene as a child in Classical Indian Dance pose

The View from Goa

Jolene Dias shares her experience of growing up in India and pursuing her artistic ambitions in England. An Early Love of the Arts My name is Maria Antonia Jolene Dias, and I am known as Jolene. I am originally from Goa.  I have Muscular Dystrophy but this has not deterred me from ...

Photo of performer Cian Binchy looking askance in front of the camera

Deen Hallissey speaks to Cian Binchy

DAO's Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey chats with his old buddy and fellow digital influencer for Access All Areas, Cian Binchy about art and acting. A transcript of this conversation is available here.