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Composite image, mixed race man with dreadlocks and white woman have a some call, with a podcast logo image pasted in the middle of them

213 Things About Me and plenty to discuss about autism

213 Things About Me is a podcast series which tells the true story of ‘Rose’, who was diagnosed with autism aged 36 and took her own life six months later. 213 Things About Me is told through a list of Rose’s traits, which she made immediately after being diagnosed with ...

A white woman standing at a door while a black Tesco delivery man brings crates of shopping to it

A birthday, a funeral and a Tesco Delivery Man

Last week I performed an 'Artist Presentation' for DAO. Here is the link if you weren’t able to join me live. Thank you to all who were there and asked questions. If there are any unanswered questions, please do comment below and I will answer. On my birthday, the following day after ...

Person wearing a paper hyena mask, and dress made of paper, whilst a woman with a walking stick sits next to them on a park bench

social-distancing solved by mad, bad, rad, bi, mutha, internationalist, & feminist-b4-that-word-wz-built mary wollstonecraft

curious arts (north-east lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer + arts organisation) supported audioqueer episode 6 out now. nearly an hour of ...

A white bald man stands at a doorway as another white bald man in a tesco delivery uniform stands on the other side with crates of shopping

Husband Rupert assisting Tesco Delivery Man

Here is a photo of my husband with the Tesco Delivery Man, in theory, as I am home shielding, I shouldn’t have been sleeping in the same bed as him, or enjoying baths together, or indeed eating together, for however many weeks it has been. Lord Baden Powell’s statue has come ...

in these arms riots love

since 1981 we've tried talking about growing up being called psycho - 2 other friends with similarly 'colourful' names - joey deacon went on blue peter and b4 joey even became term of abuse they got in first reclaiming it and we went 'yu can do that with words?!' blowing ...

more welsh poppy advice

part of project 78 miles long that takes in site of britains last insurrection (citizens of casnewydd / newport have added to date into that writing on their walls)

portrait photo of three dancers posing at award ceremony

Staying Active Has Been the Key to Staying Sane

My name is Grace Roach I have had sight loss and multiple disabilities since my late teens following an accident. I have never let this hold me back from what I have wanted to achieve in life. Sometimes my disabilities have had an impact on me doubting myself and asking: "Am ...

Liz Bentley antisocial distancing with the Tesco Delivery Man

Liz Bentley anti-social distancing with the Tesco Delivery Man and getting in touch with nostalgia and what that sometimes brings up….

Apart from this week being horrendous, and my worse lockdown week ever, some thoughts have emerged about the past and the present.  Many psychotherapists are working very much in the present, and so am I, to an extent. However, while some of us have been going through our old photos, ...

portrait shot of a young white woman

How do I feel in lockdown? I feel free.

Free as in I can wander places I didn’t know existed, in my one hour of sanctioned exercise, to green hills not so far away but always covered in people with sturdy eyes and whose skin tans, more than one turning away so not for the likes of me. Now ...

Liz Bentley missing the personal touch from the Tesco Delivery Man

Liz Bentley feeling sad her Tesco Delivery Man can’t come in, while waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man for a long time

  It's strange now to think that Tesco Delivery Men have hugged me, got up close and leaned in when I've been doing a selfie with them. That feels such a long time ago now. I'm not isolating alone, in fact much of the week there are four or six of ...