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Blog - Visual Arts

headshot of artist, smiling at the camera

Film, Moving Image and Other Regrets

When I was in the first year of my art degree, I signed up for a module called ‘Film and Moving Image’, I was really excited about it. I spent weeks imagining the films I would make. Then I went to the first class and found out that the module ...

a cartoon about disabled grassroots activism

Crippen and the call for grassroots activism

Speaking at the online launch of a new book by a disabled activist, Ellen Clifford, Professor Colin Barnes, one of the most significant figures in the development of the social model of disability, said that disabled people had faced a decade of oppression over the last decade and ...

White woman with blonde hiat gesturing to camera, she is wearing a blue blouse.

Dyslexic artist reporting from lockdown

Here's Michelle's first blog in a while, reflecting on Covid, and life with dyslexia, her first vlog. The video is captioned (you have to turn them on in YouTube's settings), but a transcript is also available below. Hello, my name is Michelle Baharier. I'm a visual artist and I'm also a poet so ...

Boris Johnson is down a mine holding up a cage with a small disabled figure in it. He is wearing a miner’s helmet. Around his feet is a gassy mist identified as Covid 19. He is saying: “I knew they’d come in useful for something!”

Crippen asks: “are we just disposable members of society?!”

Having completely ignored us during this pandemic, Boris and his cronies continue to put the lives of disabled people at risk as he recklessly throws aside those few safety measures that remain. Once again, we have to look out for ourselves, as this shambles of a government certainly aren’t ...

Zine cover image of a woman with a thought bubble: 'denture grip don't let me down now'

Sex Positions for Creaky Older Lesbians – A Zine!

In my Covid Commission for Disability Arts Online, I made a film of a day in my life as an artist.  One of my creative activities in the film was me drawing for my zine: 'Do Not Harm Her Sutra' - Sex Positions for Creaky Older Lesbians. The idea came ...

A black and white image of the text from a poem, exploding out of a mans head

The Challenge; Words Are Flowing Out

The Highgate Society Poetry Group challenge for February 2019 is to take the opening line of a favourite song and build a poem around it. I plump for Across the Universe as the giver of the harbinger guide line; ‘Words are flowing out’, and I empty my head of thoughts ...

cartoon about DWP deaths

Crippen asks you to remember those disabled people who died before the pandemic

Just prior to the virus taking a hold within the UK, John Pring, disabled journalist had written a detailed, yet harrowing account of the disabled people who died during or following a DWP benefits assessment. This article, entitled ‘DWP – the case for the prosecution’ provided detailed information about some ...

a cartoon about scrapping UC

Crippen looks at a new alliance to scrap universal credit

Remember the Poll Tax protests in the early 1990’s? Well, at an online meeting of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) disabled activists have called for opponents of universal credit (UC) across the country to help mirror that campaign and join a new national alliance that is demanding ...

Person wearing a paper hyena mask, and dress made of paper, whilst a woman with a walking stick sits next to them on a park bench

social-distancing solved by mad, bad, rad, bi, mutha, internationalist, & feminist-b4-that-word-wz-built mary wollstonecraft

curious arts (north-east lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer + arts organisation) supported audioqueer episode 6 out now. nearly an hour of ...

cartoon about covid 19 deaths amongst disabled

Crippen’s worst predictions are confirmed

At long last the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released figures confirming something that we already suspected - that a disproportionately high number of disabled people have died in the UK since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.