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Blog - Visual Arts

Liz Bentley with Tesco delivery man and 2020 diary

Liz Bentley wishes you a happy newish year while waiting for the Tesco Delivery man

Happy newish year. Fenton was my first Tesco delivery man of 2010. In the photo I am holding my 2020 diary. I always buy a Redstone diary and this year, the theme is 'Dreams of Europe'. The cover photo is a semi-naked Bridget Bardot sunbathing, on what looks like a ...

‘A touch of light’ – exhibition by Leo Wight

At the end of September this year I put on a solo exhibition of new work I created with the help of the emergence bursary. ‘a touch of light’ was a six day exhibition held at New Glasgow Society in Finneston, Glasgow. The show consisted ...

Man giving poetry reading

2019 annual highlights

Recent events have given many of us a deep sense of foreboding – meaning, critically that the challenges disability communities around the country face will likely become ever more entrenched. Our only hope is in finding ways to strengthen the communities we are a part of and to find support ...

Boris Cat litter

Being anti-social at the Wellcome

This year saw two of my art pieces – ‘Help the Normals’ collecting can and Dignity Pillbox – being shown at the Wellcome Collection’s permanent exhibition ‘Being Human’. Because of that connection, I was asked to be part of their Festival of Mind and Bodies on 30th Nov ...

Digital artwork featuring two heads

Dyslexic Rant, the impact of Instagram part 2

This is a series of blogs/views about Instagram and artistic practice. Are you making work especially for Instagram has it changed your practice? Let me tell you about my drawings first.... I doodle all the time especially, when I am at meetings, I am a compulsive drawer, I love ...

Two men giving thumbs up, one of them is holding a certificate

Hello from me, Glen

Hello and welcome to my first blog ever! I have received Arts Council England funding to have mentoring and professional development in order to be able to access the art world as a Deaf artist, which I currently find very difficult. I need BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation for everything that ...

Printed White Hand Written Text on Royal Blue Fabric

We’ve Got Joy

I’m one of the many people attempting NaNoWriMo this month, which for the unfamiliar is when you try to write 50,000 words towards a long-form project in a month. The idea is basically that you write a very rough first draft of something without editing or deleting anything you’ve written ...

Digital artwork of a woman with blue face and black hair

A ‘dyslexic rant’ about the impact of Instagram

Does it work for you? This is a series of blogs/views about Instagram. To get a picture I need your heIp. As disabled artists, we will have different experiences about our ability to interact and use different mediums so please share your experiences at the end of these blogs.

Photograph showing two rows of stacked easels

The Drawing Marathon – Week Two

Legitimately could've sworn that I posted this back in September - better late than never though, right? Welcome to the second part of my two-part blog documenting my 2 week ‘Drawing Marathon’ experience of the Royal Drawing School. As described in the first of these two blogs, this course was ...

My Soul is a Search Engine

MY SOUL IS A SEARCH ENGINE by Dolly Sen I make film, I make art, I make books, and I make trouble. One way I employ two of those things – the art & trouble-making – is by disrupting systems that produce ‘copy and paste’ identities/thoughts/perceptions/life/death, as a Trojan horse dressed ...