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Pregnancy / Miscarriage / Abortion / Poetry – Part 2: Making The Decision

Please first read ‘Part 1: Finding Out’ here This blog discusses sensitive subject matter, so please only read it if and when you feel comfortable to do so, and take care of yourself when you do. Abortion brings out a whole spectrum of emotion, including humour, which has long been ...

a cartoon about the grim reaper taking on telephone duties for the dwp

Crippen hears how severely ill patient ordered to leave hospital to attend Job Centre

A coroner has called on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to make urgent policy changes after it ordered a disabled patient to leave hospital to visit a Job Centre, despite being severely ill with a condition that later killed him. Terence Talbot was being treated for drug hypersensitivity syndrome, ...

An Asian woman wearing a white coat and a face mask is holding out a piece of card with a large heart printed upon it.

2021: Annual Highlights

As I come to reflect back on the past year it's hard not comment on what a difficult year 2021 was – a year of uncertainty and fear when many disabled communities were made to feel abandoned by the government’s failure to take disabled lives into consideration when making decisions ...

Fire jugglers in the distance at sunset on brighton beach

Pregnancy / Miscarriage / Abortion / Poetry – Part 1: Finding Out

This blog discusses sensitive subject matter, so please only read it if and when you feel comfortable to do so, and take care of yourself when you do. In particular, if you have accidental pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion experience yourself, perhaps read this at home with home comforts at hand. ...

A crippen cartoon depicting disabled protesters with Boris Johnson trying to use the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill

Crippen applauds disabled protesters who are prepared to face prison

Disabled activists Dolly Sen and Ellen Clifford have stated that they are prepared to break the law, and even go to prison, if the government succeeds in bringing in new legislation that will see the criminalisation of protest. Disability Arts Online ...

A cartoon of Boris and his Tory cronies partying

Crippen sums up another year under Tory misrule.

Well, there we have it boys and girls. Another year in which the government has continued to erode our rights and smuggle yet more discriminatory legislation under the radar. You wonder how they do it, what with all of the partying allegedly going on!

Tackling the background issues that lead to society’s attitude towards disabled people’s sexuality

I thought I should make it clear at the outset, you’re not getting a tell all expose thing, if you want that google a politician. I’m incredibly private when it comes to my sexuality and relationships. It’s got nothing to do with my disability, that’s just me I’m ...

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Covid Diaries: A Celebration of Life in Lockdown Exhibition

Revell Dixon films Michelle Baharier as she sets up her Covid Diaries Exhibition held at Sprout Arts. It is a celebration of life under lockdown and Michelle shows the work that she has done since the first lockdown in 2020. It was really great to see her work and understanding ...

A Crippen cartoon about DWPs duty of care

Crippen hears that Government’s PIP reviewer disagrees with Coffey’s ‘no duty of care’ claim

So, have you got it?! When Boris says that there wasn’t a party at number ten, he means that there might have been a party, but one which nobody attended. And when work and pensions secretary Therese Coffey says that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) does not have ...

graphic with the words 'comedy on referral'

Introducing: Comedy on Referral

I adore comedy, and I think that there are some amazing things that stand up can achieve. Goodness knows it’s given me huge amounts of confidence and the ability to talk about my own disabilities and past traumas in a way that makes them accessible and so brings ...