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A Complaint

A Complaint.A few weeks ago DAO's job pages had very few jobs in them.Two weeks ago you had three pagesLast week four pagesThis week fiveSix next week?What are you doing?Is DAO colluding in economic recovery?What we need is social collapseThings will never change as long as...Organisations like DAO keep promotingJobs ...

Give me Serenity

Give me serenity, and grant me calm, my mind is all a flutter, and I can't find my identity. The room is spinning around me, and my breathing is fast, give me serenity, and grant me calm. I am hot and sweaty, I can't think straight, so give me serenity, and grant me calm.

cartoon about train travel

Crippen looks back 25 years to his cartoons of that era

As you’ll have seen, there’s been a lot of talk about it being 25 years since the launch of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. I was even persuaded by our over-worked Editor Colin to throw in my own two-penny worth (that’s old money to you youngsters out there!) with an ...

A visual representation of disabling barriers.

Disability equality is passé. Inclusion is old school. Access is now!

The subject of disabling barriers is deeply boring, tedious and time-consuming. Ask any funder, curator, commissioner, or other provider of arts opportunities what they think and what they do about disabling barriers, and they react in one of two ways.

  1. They think you're (just) a university student writing a

hyena in petticoats

online exhibition / screening / album - from 19 nov, 7pm commissioned by together 2020 disability history month festival - film, online exhibition, e-zine of art / writing / activities because mary wollstonecraft wz bad, rad, bi, mutha, internationalist, feminist before the word, a writer & mad - she, disabilities included ...

cartoon about disability hate crime

Crippen revisits the subject of disability hate crime

This is the second year running that the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) has refused to provide any explanation for why police forces are passing significantly fewer cases of disability hate crime to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Hope and Pray

This year has been challenging, The coronavirus has hit home, Having to wear masks, Standing two meters apart. How long will this go on for? Being glared at for coughing, Having to sneeze into your elbow, waiting for the shops to re-open. Oh, how I wish life would return back to normal, No one knows what normal is anymore, All ...

Can you tell me Why?

Can you tell me why? Don't you remember me? No matter how hard I try, I just can't foresee.   I think I have lost my mind, I forget the simplest of things, Can you tell me why? I can't find my cup of tea.   I feel lost and confused, I can't remember your name, Can you tell me why? I can't ...

No More Broken Hearts for the Working Class

I have been away a bit. A combination of work and wonky health has occupied me for the latter part of the year. Time has itched by but its hands do not scratch the irritation it is causing. The work I’ve done recently is contributing to a couple of publications: ...

Juice; Slap

For Yoko’s Body Sound Tape Piece. Yoko your body sounds are kinder than mine, more curious too, though I have some good ones. Here I revisit a one off incident (well, twice is more than enough really) before going back to the violence of special school and then saving a concern for ...