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Liz and Julie at their masters degree ceremony

The Liz Bentley Delivery Woman contemplating education with Julie Andrews

This is a drunk me and Julie Andrews on our graduation ceremony at Goldsmiths in 2010, I think. Our Master’s degree in psychodynamic counselling. A course I was already lecturing on with no degree, just two GCSEs in English, music and a CSE in typing. I left school at sixteen and ...

Jolene as a child in Classical Indian Dance pose

The View from Goa

Jolene Dias shares her experience of growing up in India and pursuing her artistic ambitions in England. An Early Love of the Arts My name is Maria Antonia Jolene Dias, and I am known as Jolene. I am originally from Goa.  I have Muscular Dystrophy but this has not deterred me from ...

The Challenge; Uncertain Haikus

August 2019. Brexit. Remain, Leave. Will there be an election/a referendum. Nuclear war between Pakistan and India? Trump and Johnson. Racists/racists? Extinction Rebellion. How long do we have to live? The challenge for the September meeting of the Highgate Society Poetry Group is simply What Next? A poem for uncertain times. All these big issues. I am walking ...

cartoon about young people's research

Crippen hears about an exciting project run and controlled by young disabled people

An exciting new project, RIP:STARS which is run and controlled by young disabled people, has issued its findings on the quality of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and whether they meet disabled children and young people’s rights.

Hell on the NHS

It's not news to people that mental health systems are underfunded and barely hanging on. What a lot of people don't know, unless they have been in it or follow artists like me, is that the ideology behind the mental health system is under the surface about coercion, control, and ...

Photo of reeds and trees coloured in neon pink, orange & green

Acorn; Day and Night

The first two lines here are as how I remember Yoko Ono’s Earth Piece V. Her instruction must have been positive but I’m inclined some times to the negative. Today is 31st July 2019. Boris Johnson has been PM for a week. Elected by the Tories not the people. His ...

We need to talk about protecting women

With everything that's been going on over the last month I've been thinking about the shit women are just expected to deal with. I've been thinking a lot about the low levels of sexual harassment that are normalised in our society and how corrosive it is for the women. I'm ...

Liz and Chad Varah

The Liz Bentley Delivery Woman with Chad Varah, founder of the Samaritans

This is the first of my new blog ‘The Liz Bentley Delivery Woman’. I’d been wracking my brains with what to do after ‘Liz Bentley waiting for the Tesco Delivery Man’ and then it became obvious. I write about my own experience anyway, so why not just admit that the ...

Photo of performer Cian Binchy looking askance in front of the camera

Deen Hallissey speaks to Cian Binchy

DAO's Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey chats with his old buddy and fellow digital influencer for Access All Areas, Cian Binchy about art and acting. A transcript of this conversation is available here.

cartoon about inaccessible web site

Crippen hears visually impaired users complain after rail websites go grey scale for Prince Philip

For many visually impaired people who recently tried to access National Rail websites it was as if someone had decided to make the sites as inaccessible as they could. Disability Arts Online ·