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a young white male with short purple tinged hair wearing large framed glasses.

CRIPtic Arts | Tom Ryalls Podcast Episode 2

In this second episode Mik Scarlet sits down with Tom Ryalls to discuss all things CRIPtic, the Barbican performance and more. Tom is a writer and theatre maker who creates 'childish' shows for an adult audience. He provides people with the opportunity to be playful and to examine the systems ...

a cartoon about the Disability Benefits Consorteum supporting the WCA

Crippen supports the call for the end of the WCA

A disabled independent disability studies researcher is finding it disturbing that the Disability Benefits Consortium is failing to support the user-led disabled community in its call for an end to the seriously flawed Work Capability Assessment (WCA). As the research lead for the Preventable Harm Project that she led ...

black and white photo of white, male, disabled artist

CRIPtic Arts | JAMIE HALE Podcast Episode 1

In the first episode the brains behind the company Jamie Hale talks to producer Mik Scarlet about all things CRIPtic, the Barbican performance on 19th and 20th November 2021 and what is next for Jamie. Grab a cuppa and come join us for the first episode! Jamie Hale is a queer ...

black and white headshot of a white man

Black Widow 11

New to Black Widow? Why not go back to the first installment and catch up with the fan club. Steve felt safe on the streets. Little fazed him. Crowds, gangs. He thought he had the power to simply disappear from view. The crowd, the gang; approached. He just walked through ...

political cartoon

Disability Activism in Lockdown

Activism within the disabled community is becoming more and more important, considering the political state of the world at the moment. Activism as a whole has taken a more central role in society generally since the BLM Movement. But like all the equality movements in the world right now should ...

The Scream as Potato

You say potato, I say Pot-art-a

I was in Amsterdam last weekend to say goodbye to a friend before he died. I had some time to spare and went to the Van Gogh Museum, as he is one of my favourite artists. I had been a couple of times before. I am always transported when I ...

Baby Blue beach hut

The Liz Bentley Delivery Woman with her Creative Future short-listed Poem that didn’t win, on National Poetry Day

    Chocolate Covered Honeycomb   We drive along the Esplanade, sea weed air like rancid cabbage Seeping through closed windows of the Austin Traveller My heart sinks. The tide is out. Again   Stoney beach with hard white dog shit hides between sand and shell Black tar smudges on legs and between toes The stains will remain till next ...

A Poem I wrote while on Hold to PIP

Congratulations, you were born disabled But be warned You’ll spend your life on hold And filling in forms  Congratulations, you were born disabled Be prepared To contort and conform So they leave you alone  Congratulations, you were born disabled

a cartoon about challenging the governments proposed changes to border policies

Crippen asks you to challenge the proposed changes to border policies

Apart from the travel restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the government are now making changes to border policies which means that many overseas personal assistants (PAs), who disabled people rely upon for their everyday care and support needs, can no longer come into the country and work.  We therefore need ...

Juice; The Next Day

Inspired by Yoko’s Snow Piece, remembering one of the worse songs I know; Fairport’s “If I had a ribbon bow” and then purloining The Velvet Underground’s ‘The Gift’ plus lyrics stolen through googles searches of songs I don’t know like Dinah Washington’s ‘Make me a present out of you’, ‘Chris ...