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A pile of paper on a printer with more paper coming out of the printer and even more paper in the background.

Propulsion for 2021

I’m looking forward to introducing my new project – Propulsion, Learning and Sharing. Funded by Arts Council, I’ll be looking at my own disabilities and working out what my access needs are moving forward, along with interviewing other disabled artists about how they manage their own access needs. I’ve seen some ...

cartoon about tory policies taking disabled people further back

Crippen says it’s time to stop this backwards slide!

2020 was a year that most of us would prefer to forget, whether due to the Covid pandemic or the abysmal way in which disabled people been scapegoated by this Neo-conservative government. Disability Arts Online ·

provoked 2 madness by the brutality of wealth e.p.

2 track e.p.  from project of the same name, which including touring show of the same name-

dramatically-lit photo of artist gary thomas sitting with his chin resting in his right hand

Round up of 2020

Happy New Year to you all!

I actually started a blog on confidence & what happens to it when it goes. Like seriously, where DOES it go???But I honestly lost confidence in it. Which sounds silly but is actually true. I feel like I lost a bit of confidence as 2020

cartoon about disabled people not fitting into society

Crippen looks at how we’re shaping up to be discarded once again

My cartoon this week is my perception of how this government have changed the status of disabled people so much over recent years that we’ve once again become the square peg unable to fit in societies round hole. Disability Arts ...

New Year Madness Sale Now On

It's time for the sales! Who wants some madness at a reduced price? Why not part exchange some of your sanity for a better deal. This year has been a year where our stock of madness has been stuck in the warehouse due to lockdown, and people have been force ...

642 – 4 Line Poem AKA Family Tradition

Reader. So what was your beloved family tradition? 642 – 4 Line Poem AKA Family Tradition He sits with silver spoon in hand waiting for a child’s hand to land upon the starched white table cloth. She has a pen within her head writing unkind words that people said. Insults used to wound ...

7 people in a Zoom video call

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Disability Arts Online over the years

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a long and difficult year. There are a few positives on the horizon but equally plenty to continue to be worried about. We've been doing our best at Disability Arts Online to try to support artists from within our communities. We're all ...

Possible All Along

Possible All Along is an exhibition of work by thirteen Leeds artists. Other than place, their connection is that they are all disabled artists, which might be considered a flimsy premise for an exhibition. But thinking about this year and the concerns amongst disabled artists that we are becoming ...

Liz, Tesco Delivery Man and The Great Reset

Liz, The Great Reset, Prodrome and the Tesco Delivery Man

I’ve started a YouTube channel. It’s called Prodrome – The Liz Bentley Show. I love the word prodrome. It means 'an early symptom indicating onset of a disease or illness.' My trainee paramedic niece (who is right now dealing with mainly stroke, heart attack and mental health) told me ...