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cartoon about Doug Paulley's legal action

Crippen hears that disabled activist Doug Paulley is taking the government to court again

Fellow disabled activist Doug Paulley is taking on the government again with legal action over its “disrespectful” and “unlawful” approach to seeking our views on the proposed national disability strategy. Doug, who is taking the legal action along with three other disabled people told Disability News Service (DNS) that the ...

cartoon about disability unit

Crippen looks at the many breaches of disabled people’s rights

The so called minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson has refused to apologise for as many as 24 breaches of disabled people’s rights – and probably even more – by the government in the 12 months since the first COVID-19 lockdown.

cartoon of educational desert

Crippen discovers restrictions to disabled youngster’s right to education to remain

It appears that the government is to abandon measures that ran “a coach and horses” through the right to social care during the pandemic. However, similar restrictions imposed on disabled young people’s right to education are set to remain.

Sailing into Dance, by Jo Barber

My earliest memory is sitting in a ballet studio in tears at the age of eleven. It had finally got sore. I could no longer weight bear while standing up. Even on getting a wheelchair at age 15, I was too small to participate in wheelchair sport, and so struggled ...

Disability Venn Diagram with two overlapping circles. The top circle says 'Not Disabled Enough' and has a corresponding list with things like: thrown off benefits, seen as scrounger, etc. The bottom circle says 'Too Disabled' and its list says: No ventilator if you get Covid, seen as burden, etc. The overlapping middle says: the right amount of disabled and is linked to Inspiration Porn

The Double Bind of Being Disabled & The Glory of Cutting Those Shackles

I know social media is essential if you want to raise your profile as a creative. I spend no more than 15 minutes a day on social media to protect both my mental health and because time is precious to me and I want to squeeze as much into the ...

cartoon about Scotland's human rights

Crippen hears that Scotland could be set for ‘ground-breaking’ move on UN convention

Get the removal company sorted folks, it looks like we might all be moving to Scotland! Disability Arts Online · Ground ...

REALM 01: Abstract

Another from the exhibition with a slight amendment today. The thing with tuning into memories that have been put away for many years is the memory might not be all that pleasant. So how do you turn the returning into a better outcome.   AbstractGrain, Still waterRipple, Water movesDeep vivid bluesNew purple ...

cartoon about Atos PIP back-log

Crippen discovers pandemic backlog means PIP claimants could lose support while waiting in queue

Latest catch-22 scenario from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) comes to light as claimants of disability benefits who successfully overturned decisions at tribunal are being told their support could still be cut off. Disability Arts Online ·

cartoon about TUC disability conference

Crippen hears from our brothers and sisters at the TUC disabled workers online conference

The TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, speaking at this year’s annual TUC disabled workers online conference about the government and their appalling record of a complete disregard of disabled people during the current pandemic, told conference:

cartoon about new tory media stage

Crippen says: All the world’s a stage … except if you’re disabled!

How to spend some £2.6 million on a stage that doesn’t even give a passing nod to current access guidance … but then again, why would a disabled person need to use it?