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Blog - Feminism

a cartoon accompanying an article by dennis queen

Crippen invites Dennis Queen to talk about her experience of the social model

Whilst some Disabled activists are calling for a re-examination of the social model of disability, Dennis Queen, disabled activist and singer song writer remembers her first encounter with this life changing concept. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen discovers that a Covid 19 report on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people has gone missing!

The British Medical Association (BMA) has demanded an explanation from the government following reports that pages containing recommendations to protect Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, including disabled people, were removed from last week’s Covid-19 disparity report. In a letter sent to health secretary Matt Hancock, shared exclusively with ...

a cartoon about wesdhallnotberemoved

Crippen supports the UK Disability Arts Alliance ‘We Shall Not Be Removed’ who are responding to the current crisis

An alliance of disabled people working across the UK creative industries have come together to campaign for an inclusive cultural recovery following the Covid 19 pandemic. Called ‘We shall not be removed’, this is an emergency response led by disabled people for disabled ...

a caricature of Manjeet Kaur

Crippen offers a tribute to Disabled activist Manjeet Kaur

Disabled activist and advocate for disabled asylum seekers, Manjeet Kaur has died at her home in Manchester. Manjeet was involved in many campaigns around the country. Ellen Clifford from DPAC recalls “the first time I met Manjeet was at a national anti-bedroom tax ...

nat stats for disabled people

Crippen is told that disabled people are disproportionately affected by Covid 19

New research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows the Covid 19 pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on disabled people’s lives (Ed: No shit Sherlock!). Well, it does not take a crystal ball when you consider disabled people are more likely to be surviving on a low income, ...

Making Space for Art MW

What does an autistic/ADHD neurodivergent led art workshop look like?  

*Please note. (small d for deaf not big D is how the deaf participant identifies). We are voices of many. (Written in third person is part of Elinor's ND vocabulary and traits, she flips between they, we, I, her, she).  Development Magical Women was developed in ...

UK Parliament Select Committee COVID 19 survey

Crippen gives the heads-up for a Parliamentary Survey

Oops, nearly missed this one. Although they have said that people can still respond after the closing date. So, here goes … A Parliamentary Select Committee have been set up to find out how the measures put into effect regarding the pandemic have impacted on disabled people – although they have ...

stock image

Gary Thomas receives new funding from ACE for new writing

So last year, 2019, was an OK year work wise. I was checking and not including the Arts Council funding I got for my memoir in January, I did two further applications to the DYCP strand, both rejected. Since then I've been reliably informed that there's a 5% success rate ...

A New Generation of Troublemakers!

Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger. I am hitting the big 5-0 this year: my boobs are a trip hazard, my chins like to go forth and multiply, and I couldn’t tell you who is in the charts. 50 is the age when you can get help ...

Liz Bentley holding cucumber with Tesco Delivery Woman

Liz Bentley and giardia while waiting for the Tesco Delivery Woman

How exciting it was when the delivery man was a woman, and what a lovely large cucumber she bought me, well in its sell by date. This weeks shopping was hard for me to do because I had nausea. I'm too old to be pregnant and I soon put two and ...