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Blog - Feminism

An edwardian house is pictured with teh artist Bobby Baker standing in front of it

Great & Tiny War Part One: Can Art Save The World?

Hello. This is the first time I’ve written a blog so I’m going to start as I always do when I ‘appear’ in public by introducing myself – in case mistakes have been made and people have expected to see a man. I’d like to make it absolutely clear, yet ...

Pile of Covered Books

Preparing Materials/ I NEED STUFF TO PERFORM! – 20/07/18

Let’s get one thing clear. I have LOTS of writing. I have material on how insects mate, I have material on feminism, I have quirky stories about falling in love with starfish, I have screenplays, poetry, speeches on Free the Nipple…. But… I had pretty much nothing that would be ...