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Pregnancy / Miscarriage / Abortion / Poetry – Part 2: Making The Decision

Please first read ‘Part 1: Finding Out’ here This blog discusses sensitive subject matter, so please only read it if and when you feel comfortable to do so, and take care of yourself when you do. Abortion brings out a whole spectrum of emotion, including humour, which has long been ...

Fire jugglers in the distance at sunset on brighton beach

Pregnancy / Miscarriage / Abortion / Poetry – Part 1: Finding Out

This blog discusses sensitive subject matter, so please only read it if and when you feel comfortable to do so, and take care of yourself when you do. In particular, if you have accidental pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion experience yourself, perhaps read this at home with home comforts at hand. ...

plant a forest after were gone – new book out now from gobscure / burn

radical photographic self-portraiture accompanied by prose poems from someone in the clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding) group during covid. furthering our solo self-portrait exhibition at at Alma Zevi Venice we focus on details - mainly our scars, coupled with backyard details (mainly growth).

a person of mixed race with short curly hair with shaved sides. They are wearing round glasses and a brown jacket over a colourful shirt

CRIPtic Arts: Bibi June Podcast Episode 7

In the seventh episode of the CRIPtic Arts Podcast Mik Scarlet talks with Bibi June to discuss their performance for CRIPtic, their creative process and more. Bibi June is a poet, theatre maker & producer. They run spoken word theatre company ‘In The Works’ and have performed their collaborative spoken word ...

A photo of a white woman in a wheelchair and a white man seated on a stool, facing each other, side-on against a black backdrop on a theatre stage.

The Normal Heart – revealing the damaging effects of normative heterosexuality

Liz Carr gives the performance of her life in the National Theatre's production of The Normal Heart – a play written from the depths of the 1980s AIDS crisis. Directed with sensitivity by Dominic Cooke the National Theatre's production The Normal Heart is a raging 2 hour 25 minute protest against ...

a young white person stands amongst other musicians playng a viola

CRIPtic Art: Rufus Elliot’s Podcast Episode 5

In this fifth episode Mik Scarlet chats with Rufus Elliot about all things CRIPtic, the Barbican performance and more. Rufus is a composer and musician based near Gairloch in the North West Highlands whose work is concerned with honesty, giving testimony, and the conditions in which one speaks out. In the ...

dissident badges for all

thanks Futures Venture radical Independent Arts fund and Edinburgh Printmakers for supporting us in disrupting Edinburgh International Art Festival dissident power rangers (all disabled & all feisty as fuck), misguided tours (make yr own demo), receipt book art & dissident badges for all, & way more - heres some visuals ...

Dolly Sen as Freud

Birdsong from Inobservable Worlds

I am thrilled to be one of the recipients of the latest Unlimited awards, partnering with the Wellcome Trust. I saw the shortlist of the amazing projects of other artists and feel lucky I was chosen. I must thank my lovely producer Caroline Cardus for her hard work putting ...

cartoon about news bias

Crippen asks – Bias or what?!

The Right-wing influences are at it again with two new appointments to high ranking roles within the broadcasting industry and the launch of a new TV channel that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Disability Arts Online ·