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Blog - Mental Health

cartoon about exemption for rail companies from accessible travel

Crippen discovers that the transport industry has had yet another exemption from access laws!

It’s got to the stage where when this government hacks off yet another piece of disability-related legislation, there’s not even a tokenistic acknowledgement, never mind any form of protest from opposition parties and those groups and organisations that claim to represent us. In fact, it takes a single disabled activist to ...

Liz, Tesco Delivery Man and The Great Reset

Liz, The Great Reset, Prodrome and the Tesco Delivery Man

I’ve started a YouTube channel. It’s called Prodrome – The Liz Bentley Show. I love the word prodrome. It means 'an early symptom indicating onset of a disease or illness.' My trainee paramedic niece (who is right now dealing with mainly stroke, heart attack and mental health) told me ...

a cartoon about Queen's disabled cousins

Crippen researches the Queen’s ‘hidden’ cousins

Whilst doing research for a project about the history of disability I came across an interesting fact about the Royal family, in particular about the Queen’s cousins. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen – DWP again refuses to publish information from secret reviews into benefit-related deaths

Back in October 2014 The Disability News Service (DNS) revealed the existence of secret Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) reviews into suicides and other deaths and serious incidents. Disability Arts Online ·

I Was Naked, Smelling of Rain

For the first time in its history, DaDaFest conducted its festival completely online. Steph Niciu reviews an event from day five of DaDaFest’s Translations – Aidan Moesby’s premiere event for I Was Naked, Smelling of Rain, which took place over Zoom on 1 December. Before we saw Moesby’s piece, there was ...

A an older man's face looks away from the camera against the backdrop of a brick wall

Black Widow 7

New to the never ending story of the Black Widow and would like to start from the start. Try here dears. She sits with her back to the wall in a place she calls outside her comfort zone. She is calm in the darkness of the many fussing voices. I ...

Give me Serenity

Give me serenity, and grant me calm, my mind is all a flutter, and I can't find my identity. The room is spinning around me, and my breathing is fast, give me serenity, and grant me calm. I am hot and sweaty, I can't think straight, so give me serenity, and grant me calm.

cartoon about disability hate crime

Crippen revisits the subject of disability hate crime

This is the second year running that the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) has refused to provide any explanation for why police forces are passing significantly fewer cases of disability hate crime to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Hope and Pray

This year has been challenging, The coronavirus has hit home, Having to wear masks, Standing two meters apart. How long will this go on for? Being glared at for coughing, Having to sneeze into your elbow, waiting for the shops to re-open. Oh, how I wish life would return back to normal, No one knows what normal is anymore, All ...