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Blog - Mental Health

New and Old Tesco Delivery Men

More Tesco Delivery Men and a live gig!

I wasn't going to take any more photos. I was going to move on from this blog but my latest delivery man was a regular and keen to show his trainee the woman in Peckham who writes a blog for Disability Arts Online and takes pictures of delivery men. How ...

Disability Venn Diagram with two overlapping circles. The top circle says 'Not Disabled Enough' and has a corresponding list with things like: thrown off benefits, seen as scrounger, etc. The bottom circle says 'Too Disabled' and its list says: No ventilator if you get Covid, seen as burden, etc. The overlapping middle says: the right amount of disabled and is linked to Inspiration Porn

The Double Bind of Being Disabled & The Glory of Cutting Those Shackles

I know social media is essential if you want to raise your profile as a creative. I spend no more than 15 minutes a day on social media to protect both my mental health and because time is precious to me and I want to squeeze as much into the ...

Liz, The Tesco Delivery Man and The Grape Reset

Liz, Tesco Delivery Man and the Grape Reset

Nearly twenty years ago, with financial help from the Millennium Awards, I set up weekly writing as therapy workshops for people with MS, ME, any other autoimmune disease, and carers. It was called ‘ManuScript Expression’. We met in a pod at the top of Peckham library. My mantra as the ...

Kay signing her book at a local book launch event in March 2017.

Kay Channon in Conversation with Kizzy Wade. Activist, Analyst and Artist of Words. Please forgive any changes in audio quality. I cannot afford professional recording equipment or a home studio. Using headphones will improve the clarity of the interview. Kizzy’s poems are provided in text format as they were performed during the interview within this blog, in case you wish to revisit any. ...

cartoon about news bias

Crippen asks – Bias or what?!

The Right-wing influences are at it again with two new appointments to high ranking roles within the broadcasting industry and the launch of a new TV channel that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Disability Arts Online ·

love for all curated by gobscure

Dear all, We would like to share a token of our love, curated by gobscure, and brought to life by their diverse crew. recipes for love is a collection of artworks, recipes and letters for you, and those you love. Find them online here: Some of you may ...

Hand-painted photograph of the torso of a young white woman lying down on a bed.

Introducing A Bedtime Story

Disability Arts Online · Corinne blog post Transcript of Audio So, my name is Corinne, and I'm a self-portrait artist based in Worcester in the West Midlands. And as this is my ...

White woman in high viz jacket and white tesco delivery man holding either end of a green crate

Anti depressants, Tesco Delivery Man wearing matching In-security vests

I S O L A T I O N   In - Security Vest On Living At The Invisible Omniscient Neighbourhood Watch     My shoulder aches I am sat at a computer for too long The weight of the world rests on them Better than an MS attack That would be numb Too much Comfortably numb Not for me The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy journal comes out bi-monthly. Every now and again I am excited by ...

cartoon of West African disabled children

Crippen discovers that prejudices and superstition still exists

I’m currently in the process of completing a project for DAO called ‘A history of disability - including the involvement of disability arts’. It has involved researching attitudes towards disabled people over the centuries including the many prejudices and superstitions that existed.

cartoon about the first CRIP award

Crippen makes the first CRIP Award for 2021

You will remember that I blogged a few weeks ago about an alternative to the New Year’s honours awards that the establishment hand out at the beginning of every year. Disability Arts Online ·