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Blog - Mental Health

Can you tell me Why?

Can you tell me why? Don't you remember me? No matter how hard I try, I just can't foresee.   I think I have lost my mind, I forget the simplest of things, Can you tell me why? I can't find my cup of tea.   I feel lost and confused, I can't remember your name, Can you tell me why? I can't ...

MRI brain scan with a corridor drawn in pen where the brain should be

The Landscapes of my Brain at neXus Exhibition 2020

Further adventures into the landscape of my brain... When the clutter in my head becomes so noisy that I can’t function, I reach for a black pen and I draw. Afterwards my brain begins to calm, leaving me able to think a little clearer. Rather than a single line, I use ...

cartoon about treatment of autism

Crippen hears about people with Autism experiencing undignified and inhuman care

Once again, it has fallen to the Disability News Service (DNS) to expose how disabled people are still being treated throughout mental health units in England. Disability Arts Online ·

Tesco Delivery Man and I’m still in my dressing gown. What is going on?

What a few weeks. Where shall I begin? Insomnia. Two weeks of waking up two hours after I went to sleep, then spending the rest of the night thinking, putting two and two together to make four, four and four together to make exactly eight, a hundred and a hundred, ...

caricature of Sian Vasey

Crippen pays tribute to the irreplaceable Sian Vasey

Disabled activists have paid tribute this week to Sian Vasey – a much-loved, “multi-layered activist” who played a “pivotal role” in the disabled people’s movement for more than 40 years – who died last week.

zoonpolitikon (political-animal) – new album from gobscure

a punk is literally a smoulder-stick used to light fireworks, Serj Tankians talking armenia (Elif Shafaks big system of a down fan and she's amazing new words out), while napalm deaths a bellyful of salt and spleen in ever-howl against injustice powerful as ever, meanwhile 'playlist curators' chat 'how death ...

cartoon about Dolly Sen's DWP action

Crippen reports on an action by disabled artist and activist Dolly Sen

Our friend and colleague Dolly Sen has taken her protest out on the streets again and this time it’s the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that comes under her critical scrutiny. Disability Arts Online · ...

an artist dressed as a doctor looks at the camera

Section 136 applied to the Department of Work and Pensions

Today I assessed & sectioned the DWP head office, Caxton House, Tothill Street, Westminster, London - dressed in a doctor’s coat, armed with a large prescription for compassion, with friends. I checked if the DWP has a heartbeat and  couldn't find one. I then prescribed the DWP a prescription with a ...

black and white still of a man and a woman wearing face masks

The System Is SIC K

When Covid-19 threatened to halt their next play, Wakefield based theatre group, Red Shed Players, turned the script into a film, titled SIC K. The docu-drama is based on interviews and encounters with sick and disabled people who have struggled to claim benefits due to the torturous system enforced by ...