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dissident badges for all

thanks Futures Venture radical Independent Arts fund and Edinburgh Printmakers for supporting us in disrupting Edinburgh International Art Festival dissident power rangers (all disabled & all feisty as fuck), misguided tours (make yr own demo), receipt book art & dissident badges for all, & way more - heres some visuals ...

Liz and David Soul

David and Liz Bentley Delivery Woman’s Soul

Here is a picture of me with David Soul at the Happy Days festival in Enniskillen about ten years ago. I imagine in order to do a gig like this these days I’d have to do tests and be doubled vaccinated. Or is that just Southern Eire? I can’t keep ...

cartoon about national disability strategy

Crippen blinked and missed a government sleight of hand!

Wow … I blinked and before you could say High Court action (see my previous blog) I hear that the government have decided to launch a shortened version of their long awaited National Disability Strategy! Disability Arts Online ·

100 Meters; A Scene the Poet left You

Last night or the night before I wrote about Posterity. What would you leave for the future? It got me thinking. A Scene the Poet left You She threw his cancer tabs Around the room Maddened by his death croak Tired of waiting She hurried him on Go on go on go on If you have to go ...

Audio Dance provides lockdown lifeline for Shirley

Since Spring 2020, many artists have had to adapt to delivering virtual opportunities for people. But for people without internet access, a weekly telephone dance class has provided ‘something to look forward to’ for participants who would otherwise be excluded. An hour to look forward to each week Shirley McGill is 83 ...

Photo of Small figure in the background on the left, head and shoulders closeup in the middle both figures look out to the view of the landscape Lyth Hill

Practice in a Digital World

Back in January I was awarded an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant to develop and adapt my work as an artist and collaborator during the pandemic and beyond. This project draws particular attention to the pandemics impact on the limited mobility of Disabled People in these extraordinary times!‘Practice ...

cartoon of suspected black hole

Crippen hears that Disability strategy delayed again!

Having told us that their controversial disability strategy would be published in the spring of this year … then the summer … then “soon”, the government appears to have been forced to delay publication yet again.

I (still) Dream of Resting Spaces

I’ve lived with chronic pain for 14 years, and that means I need to lie down (a lot). For a while my world got really small. And so in 2016 I began to play with lying down in public so I could be out in the world more: I ...

portrait of an older white male


Hello folks. And with the ‘Covid’-related things we’re all having to go through, right now, isn’t it all about finding productive outlets, despite..? Myself, I like to take problems they’re talking about, on the news, & adapting a pop song to raise approaches they might be thinking about instead… Such as... ‘Rotting Goods...’ ...

freedom day

so prime minister alexander boris de pfeffel johnson has succeeded in pinging himself, javid & sunak & all are in isolation as a result.  get in.  tho a few more (gove & patel for starters) could also get pinged, anyone got their #?  meanwhile heres something we prepared earlier