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Crippen xmas cartoon card

Crippen wishes you all season’s greetings and a peaceful New Year

Having received new commissions or requests to use existing cartoons from all over the world, I thought it would be a nice gesture to create my Christmas card this year with the greeting printed in some of the different languages.

a cartoon about Queen's disabled cousins

Crippen researches the Queen’s ‘hidden’ cousins

Whilst doing research for a project about the history of disability I came across an interesting fact about the Royal family, in particular about the Queen’s cousins. Disability Arts Online ·

Moving forwards with Different Stories

Every museum’s collection has hidden stories, and Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft is no different. Despite the fact that our collection is from the recent past, we know that there are hundreds of untold tales hidden in the objects and ephemera we care for. It has long been a ...

cartoon about DWP excuses

Crippen – DWP again refuses to publish information from secret reviews into benefit-related deaths

Back in October 2014 The Disability News Service (DNS) revealed the existence of secret Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) reviews into suicides and other deaths and serious incidents. Disability Arts Online ·

Invitation to Thrive

Were you there December 3rd 2020? International Day of Disabled People! Did you thrive at Thrive Aid? I was lucky enough to be invited onto the Thrive Aid UK Committee with Trish Wheatley, Zoe Partington, Sue Elsgood and  Barbara Lisicki. I committed to putting together some images and haikus. Michelle Baharier, Jane ...

Photo of a white male artist sitting behind a laptop, in a darkened setting - an image of the earth above him

I Was Naked, Smelling of Rain

For the first time in its history, DaDaFest conducted its festival completely online. Steph Niciu reviews an event from day five of DaDaFest’s Translations – Aidan Moesby’s premiere event for I Was Naked, Smelling of Rain, which took place over Zoom on 1 December. Before we saw Moesby’s piece, there was ...

A an older man's face looks away from the camera against the backdrop of a brick wall

Black Widow 7

New to the never ending story of the Black Widow and would like to start from the start. Try here dears. She sits with her back to the wall in a place she calls outside her comfort zone. She is calm in the darkness of the many fussing voices. I ...

A white non-binary person with a shaved head and quiff and mixed Caribbean and white man with long dreadlocks.

Deen Hallissey interviews activist Dennis Queen

DAO's Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey finds a 'soulmate' in musician and activist Dennis Queen as they talk about activism, dressing up, hairstyles and shared musical interests. (The film is captioned, which can be turned on or off on the YouTube controls by clicking the CC button) A transcript of the film is ...

a mobile phone is wedged onto the handle of a window with a banana shaped cat toy

Audio Journal in November

I was 21 when I had to write one of those one or two sentence bio’s that sum up who you are as an artist for the first time. I had no idea what to put, in fact, I still find them incredibly difficult to write, but that’s not important. ...