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Blog - Participatory Arts

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The JOY of Theatre

Turtle Key Arts have a long-standing reputation in their role as creative producers advancing participation in the arts by disabled, disadvantaged and socially excluded people. For the second year running they partnered with the Lyric, Hammersmith to produce JOY – a flagship project of the Hammersmith and Fulham ArtsFest showcasing ...

Pimp My Unicorn launch poster

Pimp My Unicorn! 

With Norwich Pride only 50 days away, it is sad to report that the annual Pride Without Prejudice art show has had to be cancelled due to a lack of bookings. Dismayed at this news I have booked the whole of St Margaret’s Church of Art on St Benedict’s Street in ...

yellow book cover

Hidden Stories: a free graphic novel that aims to banish loneliness among people living with invisible conditions

Published by Brighton-based arts charity Root Experience, Hidden Stories is the result of months of creative workshops, where participants from across the south of England explored and shared the challenges of their day-to-day lives through storytelling, visual arts and soundscapes. Millions of people worldwide are affected daily by health conditions whose ...