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Pimp My Unicorn launch poster

Pimp My Unicorn! 

With Norwich Pride only 50 days away, it is sad to report that the annual Pride Without Prejudice art show has had to be cancelled due to a lack of bookings. Dismayed at this news I have booked the whole of St Margaret’s Church of Art on St Benedict’s Street in ...

photo of a label attached to a window

red tape … saving lives since … ?

something mary left behind in manchester recently  – she is leaving them where she can – she doesn't respect property!

yellow book cover

Hidden Stories: a free graphic novel that aims to banish loneliness among people living with invisible conditions

Published by Brighton-based arts charity Root Experience, Hidden Stories is the result of months of creative workshops, where participants from across the south of England explored and shared the challenges of their day-to-day lives through storytelling, visual arts and soundscapes. Millions of people worldwide are affected daily by health conditions whose ...

sand of time up a dog's nose

Scamp – the radical dog artist

Hello my name is Scamp Ratticus Rose, dog and artistic collaborator of Dolly Sen. She used to have another artist dog Lux but Lux was a sculptor and I am a radical performance artist. I am only a 6 month old pup but I can see bullshit in society ...

Dolly and her Dad

The Art of Grief

My dad died a couple of weeks ago. I did cry but I wasn’t sure what I was crying for. There is a saying that ‘grief is love unfinished’, but for some grief is love not yet begun. I have written on DAO before about my relationship with my ...

Two men standing about to give a presentation

Aidan Moesby: blossoming in the rain

Being able to support an artist through the development of an idea to make it a workable project is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work. We set up the artist development sessions and associate artist programme to formalise this type of support from within Disability Arts Online ...

This 2011 poster image features a large photo of Zorras, Sandra with megaphone and Y with guitar, plus smaller photos of other performers and a handsome puppet. It reads: Saturday 2 April, Door open 7PM, show 8PM, Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Place, Free! BYOB! Wheelchair accessible! Performances by Anna Le, Diane Torr, Lily, Ste McCabe, The Insecurity Font, Zorras and Scragfight. Short films by sharlene bamboat, The Paraffins and Miss Leggy Pee, RM Vaughan & Jared Mitchell + DJ Fuk You How Do You Do. Poetry. Music. Film. Theatre. Dance. Drag.

Ten Years of Disabled- and Skint-Led Queer & Trans Art in Scotland: An alternative LGBTQI+ History

Ten years ago today, on 22nd February, 2009, I was part of the first ever Cachín Cachán Cachunga! As long-time curator of CCC's cabarets, art exhibitions and community events, I want to share a brief-ish history of the many milestones this anniversary celebrates. I'll also explain why ...


axe-throwing as a first date

for couple of years we've been screengrabbing and layering and commenting; as a result there are now 30 final posters online now (piers and sausage rolls and army recruitment ads in the final one) online To see more go to: – our faves still donald's husband coming out against trump ...

sillhouette of a man with a mohawk hairstyle

Please don’t think I’m mad

Please don't think I'm mad That my eyes are staring it's just that i want to hear everything you say scared of distraction if i don't look at you - my mind wanders - i don't want you to think i'm unaware i value your time listening - talking i need to look into your eyes i know it's embarrassing - ...