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a cartoon about labour leader standing up for disabled people

Crippen asks Keir Starmer to stand up and be counted

Keir Starmer will need to address a series of pledges that he made to disabled people during his successful campaign to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. During his leadership campaign Keir Starmer called for “radical action” on social care with the introduction of free social care and a legal ...

in these arms riots love

since 1981 we've tried talking about growing up being called psycho - 2 other friends with similarly 'colourful' names - joey deacon went on blue peter and b4 joey even became term of abuse they got in first reclaiming it and we went 'yu can do that with words?!' blowing ...

more welsh poppy advice

part of project 78 miles long that takes in site of britains last insurrection (citizens of casnewydd / newport have added to date into that writing on their walls)

Tesco Delivery Man and Van

Liz Bentley photographing Tesco Delivery Man, no selfie as was wearing my bikini

I didn't take a photo of me this time. I was sunbathing on our Peckham Patio in my bikini. When Tesco delivery man arrived I couldn't find my clothes, just like Barbara Windsor in the Carry on films, but I'm older than she was when she did that sort of ...

Crippen looks at the language of the pandemic

More and more the language around the coronavirus pandemic is being framed around the ethos of ‘survival of the fittest’. “Most people recover and it’s only the chronically sick and disabled that are more likely to die” says the media dismissively. It’s a sentiment that I’ve heard constantly over the ...

UK Parliament Select Committee COVID 19 survey

Crippen gives the heads-up for a Parliamentary Survey

Oops, nearly missed this one. Although they have said that people can still respond after the closing date. So, here goes … A Parliamentary Select Committee have been set up to find out how the measures put into effect regarding the pandemic have impacted on disabled people – although they have ...

survey of disabled peoples needs re covid 19

Crippen and the Greater Manchester Big Covid-19 Disability Survey

Disabled People's Groups and Organisations have compiled a questionnaire to discover what effects the Covid 19 virus has had on disabled people in the Greater Manchester area. The questions are designed to identify the issues and experiences that their members are currently facing. They need as many responses as they can ...

a webpage that is self-isolating

A Self-Isolating Website

I like subverting websites and showing they can be art pieces in themselves. I do try to respond to the world as it tries to convince me that my reality is problematic. I can't help but derive humour from the pain and absurdity of life. I want virtual reality to ...

benefits and suicide cartoon

Crippen brings more evidence concerning the link between suicide and loss of benefits

Responding to a survey after the National Audit Office found that at least 69 suicides could be linked to problems with benefit claims over the last six years, Dr Chris Allen a Consultant clinical psychologist

My Soul is a Search Engine

MY SOUL IS A SEARCH ENGINE by Dolly Sen I make film, I make art, I make books, and I make trouble. One way I employ two of those things – the art & trouble-making – is by disrupting systems that produce ‘copy and paste’ identities/thoughts/perceptions/life/death, as a Trojan horse dressed ...