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Blog - Mental Health

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Waiting for the drought to break

Twitter analytics tell me my tweets are down 59.6%, tweet impressions down 48.4% and my reach is 26.4k. Compare that to March 78.5K. The picture this data paints is indicative of where I feel I am at. Last March I was about to go away to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust on ...

Woman sitting in bed surrounded by sheep

Bedlamb – Here We Come!

This year my fellow trouble maker Caroline Cardus and I were lucky enough to be funded by Future’s Venture – a radical art fund – to launch some art interventions under the project name of Section 136. Section 136 is a radical mental health art-action programme where madness is ...

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Psychosis: Origins, Experience and Meaning or dreaming while awake

On Wednesday 26 June I went to a conference run by the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS) in conjunction with Soteria Brighton, Hearing Voices and the Spiritual Crisis Network and felt compelled to write something about the day. I've seen Dr John Read from ...