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cartoon about government guilty of restricting disabled people's rights

Crippen and how the government has breached disabled people’s rights during the pandemic

Mike Smith, the former disability commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and now chief executive of the east London disabled people’s organisation Real, said the government’s pandemic strategy appeared to be to “protect the majority rather than those most at risk … (and that disabled people) are ...

a cartoon about the high number of disabled who have died due to virus

Crippen reports that two thirds of those that have died during pandemic are disabled people

It’s official! Disabled people have made up two-thirds of coronavirus deaths in the UK, according to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and they say that we’re also 11 times more likely to die of the virus than non-disabled people. Despite all of the ...

a cartoon about ex remploy employees

Crippen reveals what has happened to some ex Remploy workers

Remember when Arlington Automotive bought the final three Remploy sheltered factories and took on the disabled employees stating that they were committed to equality and diversity in the workplace? Well, just two months after the government put the country into lockdown, Arlington entered administration and sacked more than 50 disabled staff, ...

Signs; Cuts Kill! Kill Cuts!

This poem was born on a march and rally to save the NHS. A woman held aloft a placard reading "Kill Cuts! Cuts Kill!". I was going to use a photograph of that to illustrate this poem. I might tag it on to the end of this. On leaving the rally ...

cartoon about disabled people becoming expendable

Crippen asks – how soon before they change us from being vulnerable to being expendable?!

The use of negative language to describe disabled people has once again been challenged. This time it is Baroness Jane Campbell who has called for an end to the term ‘vulnerable’. Disability Arts Online ·

Deluge Blog 2

With my deteriorating eyesight caused by a condition called retinoschisis, sound has become an increasingly important part of my visual art practice. I am now conscious that I hear sound in my mind as I make drawing and painting strokes. In this blog I would like you to meet composer ...

a cartoon about a report from disabled academics

Crippen receives confirmation that inequalities experienced by disabled people have widened during the pandemic.

A new report – An Affront to Dignity, Inclusion and Equality – produced by a group of disabled academics has confirmed that the inequalities experienced by disabled people have widened during the pandemic. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen asks, has this government lost its new Disability Unit?

Er hello … is anyone there?! One would be forgiven for thinking that the new Disability Unit staff had all gone on holiday during this recent crisis. Not a single announcement has been made by them over the past three months, despite over 22,000 disabled people having died from ...

a cartoon about barriers to society

Crippen reports on Manchester Coronavirus survey

A new survey by the Greater Manchester Disabled People's Panel (GMDPP) has revealed that many disabled people in the City and surrounding area have experienced extreme hardship during the pandemic lockdown. The survey, which is in keeping with other reports from around the UK showed that: “disabled people were ...

a cartoon about language of disability

Crippen looks at language

In my last Blog about the high death rate amongst learning disabled people during this pandemic, I used an article by journalist Nick Cohen as my source material. At the end of his article he spoke about the language used when talking about ‘people with learning disabilities and autism’ ...