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abstract artwork of a figure in motion

Deluge Blog 2

With my deteriorating eyesight caused by a condition called retinoschisis, sound has become an increasingly important part of my visual art practice. I am now conscious that I hear sound in my mind as I make drawing and painting strokes. In this blog I would like you to meet composer ...

a cartoon about the lack of info from the disability unit

Crippen asks, has this government lost its new Disability Unit?

Er hello … is anyone there?! One would be forgiven for thinking that the new Disability Unit staff had all gone on holiday during this recent crisis. Not a single announcement has been made by them over the past three months, despite over 22,000 disabled people having died from ...

a cartoon about barriers to society

Crippen reports on Manchester Coronavirus survey

A new survey by the Greater Manchester Disabled People's Panel (GMDPP) has revealed that many disabled people in the City and surrounding area have experienced extreme hardship during the pandemic lockdown. The survey, which is in keeping with other reports from around the UK showed that: “disabled people were ...

a cartoon about language of disability

Crippen looks at language

In my last Blog about the high death rate amongst learning disabled people during this pandemic, I used an article by journalist Nick Cohen as my source material. At the end of his article he spoke about the language used when talking about ‘people with learning disabilities and autism’ ...

a cartoon about deaths of learning disabled people

Crippen looks at the Coronavirus death rate amongst learning disabled people

Having been fobbed off by this government about the number of deaths amongst learning disabled and autistic people it has come to light that many more have died during this pandemic than the vague 2% claimed. Disability Arts ...

A white man smiles at the cmaera, he has two computer screens set up with various windows of Zoom and Skype calls open

What we’ve learnt about online access during the Covid-19 crisis

When we finalised our business plan objectives back in December 2019, I had no idea how crucial our objective to “undergo development and experimentation in new online events” would become! Previously, we relied heavily on the knowledge of partner organisations and relatively high-cost third-party access solutions that our budget couldn’t ...

a cartoon accompanying an article by dennis queen

Crippen invites Dennis Queen to talk about her experience of the social model

Whilst some Disabled activists are calling for a re-examination of the social model of disability, Dennis Queen, disabled activist and singer song writer remembers her first encounter with this life changing concept. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen and the call for grassroots activism

Speaking at the online launch of a new book by a disabled activist, Ellen Clifford, Professor Colin Barnes, one of the most significant figures in the development of the social model of disability, said that disabled people had faced a decade of oppression and that we will only ...

Boris Johnson is down a mine holding up a cage with a small disabled figure in it. He is wearing a miner’s helmet. Around his feet is a gassy mist identified as Covid 19. He is saying: “I knew they’d come in useful for something!”

Crippen asks: “are we just disposable members of society?!”

Having completely ignored us during this pandemic, Boris and his cronies continue to put the lives of disabled people at risk as he recklessly throws aside those few safety measures that remain. Disability Arts Online ·

cartoon about DWP deaths

Crippen asks you to remember those disabled people who died before the pandemic

Just prior to the virus taking a hold within the UK, John Pring, disabled journalist had written a detailed, yet harrowing account of the disabled people who died during or following a DWP benefits assessment. This article, entitled ‘DWP – the case for the prosecution’ provided detailed information about some ...