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cartoon about DWP working practices

Crippen discovers that the DWP provide the main source of oppressive attitudes towards disabled people

Why are we not surprised to hear that people with chronic illness taking part in a recent survey, reported that the main source of oppressive attitudes they faced were when dealing with Department for Work and Pensions staff.

nat stats for disabled people

Crippen is told that disabled people are disproportionately affected by Covid 19

New research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows the Covid 19 pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on disabled people’s lives (Ed: No shit Sherlock!). Well, it does not take a crystal ball when you consider disabled people are more likely to be surviving on a low income, ...

a cartoon about the reduction in lockdown

Crippen asks is the government’s decision to reduce lockdown deliberately putting disabled people at risk?

I’m often accused of being a conspiracy theorist, especially when addressing the high number of deaths of disabled people associated with the DWP benefit assessments. But this latest move by the government to ease lock down restrictions too soon can only be seen as yet another example of their corrupt ...

cartoon about access for blind shoppers

Crippen asks why have blind and visually impaired people been left off the coronavirus vulnerable list?

It appears that the government has not fully considered the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on blind and partially sighted people. Labour’s shadow Women and Equalities secretary Marsha de Cordova has raised concerns that the government have excluded blind and partially sighted people from its coronavirus vulnerable list. She ...

Boris looses the plot

Crippen thinks that Boris is in over his head!

The lack of a joined-up strategy is the least of Boris’ worries. His failure to properly think through the sweeping changes he has made to equality legislation and those affecting disabled people in particular, means that he is currently presiding over a government that appears to be completely rudderless. Groups like ...

Making Space for Art MW

What does an autistic/ADHD neurodivergent led art workshop look like?  

*Please note. (small d for deaf not big D is how the deaf participant identifies). We are voices of many. (Written in third person is part of Elinor's ND vocabulary and traits, she flips between they, we, I, her, she).  Development Magical Women was developed in ...

disabled shoppers

Crippen looks at the barriers confronting disabled shoppers

The Disability news Service reports that at least 30 disabled people have instructed solicitors to begin legal action against various supermarkets for discriminating against them under the Equality Act by failing to make the reasonable adjustments needed for them to shop safely.

cartoon about covid 19 deaths

Crippen looks at the deaths of patients in learning disabled units

Deaths in mental health hospitals and learning disability units have doubled compared with last year – with 54 of these deaths from confirmed or suspected coronavirus infections. The Care Quality Commission regulator said 106 deaths were recorded between 1 March and 1 May, compared with 51 over the same period in 2019. ...

a cartoon about ceasation of services for disabled people

Crippen hears from the Disability News Service that Local Authorities have started to reduce services to disabled people

It’s started … Eight local authorities in England have become the first to take advantage of emergency legislation that allows them to reduce their duties under the Care Act (See my earlier Blog). Reporting in the Disability News Service ...

watercolour depicting a yellow rod and a green serpent


I plan to visit here occasionally to share some of my writing process. Mostly thinking then, or my version of that, but maybe sometimes some practical ideas. To help my writing I try to read as much as I can. Partly this is to make up for lost time in a ...