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cartoon about benefit fraud

Crippen discovers that the DWP loses more money through incompetence than through fraud!

Our friend at Black Isle Media, Alex Tiffin, editor of the Universal Credit Sufferers site has written an impressive article which reveals the true story behind the question of benefit fraud. Alex writes: “Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Department for work and Pensions (DWP) released their estimates ...

a cartoon of Bert Massie

Crippen remembers Bert Massie

Speaking with some fellow Crips the other day, I was surprised to hear that some activists still regard the late Bert Massie as a bit of a turn coat. Disability Arts Online ·

painting containing several figures in black

3 countries, 3 timelines, 5 studios, 5 creatives, just exactly how are we creating Deluge?

When we embarked on our Deluge creation, we were all conscious that we were going on an exploratory vibrant journey together. I will admit that at times the process of this exploration is echoing the actual themes of the work we are attempting to create. Sometimes we are all caught ...

a cartoon about hospital access

Crippen and discriminatory hospital visiting policy

Fleur Perry, disabled journalist and campaigner, has been fighting since April of this year to change NHS hospital visitors policy which discriminates against disabled people. Disability Arts Online ·

Tesco Delivery Man and Queueing

Tesco Delivery is great because it doesn't involve any queueing and the delivery men are personable, friendly, helpful. This week I had to endure queueing to great extent. A visit to the post office (traumatic), and a visit to the bank. At Barclays, I stood with my daughter patientley, meditating. ...

The Challenge; Dreams and Wishes

Blue Collar, White Collar. Class War. Comrades bleed on the factory floor. The dead remain sat typing at their desks. I am put in mind of the Highgate Society Poetry Group’s monthly challenge (this one being for March 2019). I take a walk to walk off my blues, return to ...

a cartoon about DNR

Crippen reveals blanket policy of DNR ordered by NHS

It’s come to light that during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic many care Homes in the UK were ordered by the NHS to place ‘do not resuscitate (DNR)’ orders against all residents in their care and that half of these related to people with learning or cognitive ...

Haiku; Fair Minded Killers

Inspired by The Daily Haiku 153 where the daily theme of darkness meets the weekly theme of water. Hands up if you remember LDAF – London Disability Arts Forum (the forerunner of Disability Arts Online)? I think it was there that I read one of our activists talk about watching someone ...

We Shall Not Be Removed Campaigns and Update

Who is We Shall Not Be Removed? We Shall Not Be Removed​ was developed by disabled people as an emergency response to the pandemic, to ensure we aren't left behind or left out of discussions. We wanted a forum of voices to advocate and campaign for disabled creative practitioners and organisations ...

A white woman in her thirties with long brown hair sits in a field holding a some yarn

Our Sacred Skills and Attendance to Art Practice during Covid19

Magical Women are excited to introduce to you Magical Women artist Louise Amelia Phelps. Her precious and sacred skills spin threads of joy from fauna & flora to become works of art, that unravel warmth and nurture for all. The Craft Life of Louise Amelia Phelps “There is so much beauty ...