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a cartoon about SEN provision in NI

Crippen discovers that children with special educational needs are being failed in Northern Ireland

It seems that the problems with regard to so called special educational needs (SEN) are not just confined to the UK mainland. Our disabled brothers and sisters and their families over in Northern Ireland are getting the short end of the stick too. A recent report by a cross-party committee ...

cartoon about DWP duty of care

Crippen hears that a secret report casts doubt on DWP’s ‘no duty of care’ claim

You’ll recall I blogged last October about how Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) boss Theresa Coffey insisted that they had no legal duty of care to disabled benefit claimants? Well, she’s at it again, even though one of the DWPs own secret reports states clearly that it does. Work ...

Kay signing her book at a local book launch event in March 2017.

Kay Channon in Conversation with Kizzy Wade. Activist, Analyst and Artist of Words. Please forgive any changes in audio quality. I cannot afford professional recording equipment or a home studio. Using headphones will improve the clarity of the interview. Kizzy’s poems are provided in text format as they were performed during the interview within this blog, in case you wish to revisit any. ...

votelove sending all some urgent comms

aka messaging.  meanwhile 'senior labour sauces' urge lord sir kier to 'show some ankle'.  what do they even think this means?  are they with countylines gove?  heres some satire to add to the valentines day mascara / massacre / sheltering in place       

cartoon about Cygnus report

Crippen looks back at government cover-up regarding emergency preparedness

I’ve been corresponding with a young disabled student about some of my cartoons relating to government cover-ups, especially those affecting disabled people. One in particular got his attention, which was the one regarding Exercise Cygnus which I blogged about back in April 2020.

Crippen joins accusers – Disability Unit guilty of ‘shameful manipulation’

You just couldn’t make it up! Not content with misleading other MPs about the so called “success” of the nine regional stakeholder networks across England, the Disability Unit have sent out desperate emails to the Chairs of its regional disability networks, begging for positive accounts of how its policies have ...

cartoon about Australian disabled people's rights

Crippen hears that lack of Covid plan for disabled Australians a ‘serious failure’ of their government

So, it’s not just here that governments are failing to consult with disabled people about the ramifications of the COVID pandemic. I recently had an email from one of my disabled friends in Australia telling me that they’ve been experiencing similar disregard from their government.

different battle same war 07: love and rage on valentine’s day

Disability Arts Online · Different Battle Same War 7 it is valentine’s day, are you with massacre or the mascara?  johnson, the prime minister of drowning street ...

cartoon about news bias

Crippen asks – Bias or what?!

The Right-wing influences are at it again with two new appointments to high ranking roles within the broadcasting industry and the launch of a new TV channel that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Disability Arts Online ·

love for all curated by gobscure

Dear all, We would like to share a token of our love, curated by gobscure, and brought to life by their diverse crew. recipes for love is a collection of artworks, recipes and letters for you, and those you love. Find them online here: Some of you may ...