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cartoon about Australian disabled people's rights

Crippen hears that lack of Covid plan for disabled Australians a ‘serious failure’ of their government

So, it’s not just here that governments are failing to consult with disabled people about the ramifications of the COVID pandemic. I recently had an email from one of my disabled friends in Australia telling me that they’ve been experiencing similar disregard from their government.

Visual artists Rachel Gadsden UK and Jeremy Hawkes Australia: Creating Deluge during Covid-19

About a year ago I received an email from Australia, from an artist who was applying for an Australian Council of the Arts Grant award, writing to enquire if I would be interested in being part of the grant vision. And with his tremendous award success - Jeremy Hawkes became such ...

“You’re Not Trans… You’re Autistic!”

Aimee Challenor is 20 years. She is a transgender individual and also autistic. She and others from Trans communities feel they have had their Transgender identity undermined by medical professionals because of their autism. This has led to the delaying of gender reassignment procedures. How does it feel to ‘come out’ as Trans, only to have to hide autism? Challenor speaks out ...

Photo of the artists involved in the Fools' Gold project

Fools’ Gold: an artist intervention in the Art Gallery, New South Wales

I’ve been in Sydney, Australia a few weeks now working with Gaele Sobott of Outlandish Arts on Fools’ Gold - a pilot series of poetry workshops, performances and critical dialogues on art, mental health and well-being. The climax of the program was a performance in Art Gallery New South Wales ...

Image of a head with several rooms in which tortuous acts are visualised as a metaphor for everything we're not allowed to say about our oppression by the powers that be

Journeying half way across the world in search of fools’ gold

I first met Gaele Sobott from Outlandish Arts in London back in the autumn of 2015 when she interviewed me for her blog and we began talking about the possibility of working together. Later that year in a conversation with Rowan James about the pitfalls of making work under ...

Image of a female performance artist wearing a mask and blowing a balloon

Disability Arts Online work with the British Council to promote disability arts internationally

The last few years have seen a strong contingent of British artists being showcased overseas through festival appearances and international touring. Through its focus on supporting disabled artists and a strong partnership with the Unlimited programme, the British Council has a key role in helping to spark new opportunities abroad ...