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I (still) Dream of Resting Spaces

I’ve lived with chronic pain for 14 years, and that means I need to lie down (a lot). For a while my world got really small. And so in 2016 I began to play with lying down in public so I could be out in the world more: I ...

freedom day

so prime minister alexander boris de pfeffel johnson has succeeded in pinging himself, javid & sunak & all are in isolation as a result.  get in.  tho a few more (gove & patel for starters) could also get pinged, anyone got their #?  meanwhile heres something we prepared earlier    

cartoon of Boris playing dice with grim reaper

Crippen responds to Boris’ latest gamble with our lives!

So, instead of just throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Boris Johnson seems determined to flush most of the disabled community down the toilet along with anyone else who falls within the ‘at risk’ category. Despite Covid cases having risen to their highest level since January, he is determined that ...

Cartoon about covid deaths amongst disabled women

Crippen supports disabled women’s protest over Covid deaths

Disabled women have begun a three-week protest to highlight “appalling” research findings that showed they were almost twice as likely to die from COVID-19 during the pandemic as non-disabled women. Disability Arts Online · ...

Signs; Around the U Bend

The issue with access to the smallest room in listed buildings Around the U Bend 6’6” Chosen for poetry Size 14’s Approaches A small door Raised from the floor Twists his contours Into a U bend Like a more corpulent Secretary for State Privileged and empowered Never would Have a need to When taking his seat In a larger house Where crap Is a daily talking point Where the ...

the con partys endless war part xxx

from boris fixed it satirical cut-ups      

album cover from the 1960s of a white man reclining on a sofa

I Hate The White Man

This past day or so I've been holding down so much anger at all the shit going down. We've got a new Nationality and Borders Bill going through parliament, which further criminalises people seeking asylum promising prison sentences so the white men who lord it over us can make ...

Cartoon about engaging young people

Crippen asks how can we engage young disabled people?

The term ‘returning to normal’ is one that frequently arises whenever the possible ending of the current Covid restrictions are discussed.   Disability Arts Online ·

cartoon about gov failing to provide BSL at covid briefings

Crippen hears of another High Court action against the Government

A disabled woman is preparing to mount a High Court challenge after complaining about a lack of British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters at Government Covid briefings. Disability Arts Online ·

political round up

more screengrab couldnt make it ups