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cartoon about disability survey

Crippen and the National Disability Strategy Survey – Part 1

The launch of The UK Disability Strategy Survey has brought mixed reaction from fellow Crips and our groups and organisations (DPOs). Disability Arts Online · Disability ...

cartoon about restraining residents

Crippen revisits the plight of learning disabled people still being held in secure units.

Thousands of learning disabled people and those with Autism in England are still being held in secure units, usually hundreds of miles from their families and facing increasing use of restraint and isolation. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen discovers that the transport industry has had yet another exemption from access laws!

It’s got to the stage where when this government hacks off yet another piece of disability-related legislation, there’s not even a tokenistic acknowledgement, never mind any form of protest from opposition parties and those groups and organisations that claim to represent us.

cartoon about tory policies taking disabled people further back

Crippen says it’s time to stop this backwards slide!

2020 was a year that most of us would prefer to forget, whether due to the Covid pandemic or the abysmal way in which disabled people been scapegoated by this Neo-conservative government. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen agrees that disabled people should push for radical overhaul of society after pandemic

Those of us familiar with the social model understanding of disability have long advocated that it is society that needs fixing, and not those of us with ‘disabilities’ (sic). Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen looks at how we’re shaping up to be discarded once again

My cartoon this week is my perception of how this government have changed the status of disabled people so much over recent years that we’ve once again become the square peg unable to fit in societies round hole. Disability Arts ...

cartoon about Justin Tomlinson misleading MPs

Crippen and the misleading Minister for disabled people

The role of Minister for disabled people has had a chequered past with such diverse figures as Paul Boateng, Margaret Hodge and William ...

cartoon about an alternative to new years honours

Crippen and an alternative to the New Year Honours

You may not be aware of this but there are quite a few Crips who have been approached by the establishment with regard to receiving an award for ‘services to disability’ (sic) and who have turned them down. Disability Arts ...

Crippen xmas cartoon card

Crippen wishes you all season’s greetings and a peaceful New Year

Having received new commissions or requests to use existing cartoons from all over the world, I thought it would be a nice gesture to create my Christmas card this year with the greeting printed in some of the different languages.

a cartoon about Queen's disabled cousins

Crippen researches the Queen’s ‘hidden’ cousins

Whilst doing research for a project about the history of disability I came across an interesting fact about the Royal family, in particular about the Queen’s cousins. Disability Arts Online ·