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a cartoon about corruption in parliament

Crippen looks for the missing money

OK, call me old fashioned, but didn’t it used to be that when a person went into politics and became an MP it was to represent their constituents? Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen and a not-so-hidden agenda

I know that I’ve banged on about this before, but the evidence is mounting with regard to this government following a not-so-hidden agenda with regard to disabled people. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but there are certainly patterns if you care to look, and not very hard at that.

a cartoon about the billions spent by the government

Crippen puts the Coronavirus expense bill into perspective

According to government figures the Coronavirus will have cost us an estimated £69 billion by October 2020. Sounds a lot, but let us put it into some perspective … Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen reveals that the five week wait for Universal Credit is completely unnecessary

Have you heard the expression ‘evidence blindness’? Well, let me give you a clue; it’s what’s happening within our welfare system and in particular with regard to the large, unnecessary delays to benefits payments. And its chief architect Iain Duncan Smith now admits that it’s not even necessary!

Crippen and how the government has breached disabled people’s rights during the pandemic

Mike Smith, the former disability commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and now chief executive of the east London disabled people’s organisation Real, said the government’s pandemic strategy appeared to be to “protect the majority rather than those most at risk … (and that disabled people) are ...

a cartoon about the high number of disabled who have died due to virus

Crippen reports that two thirds of those that have died during pandemic are disabled people

It’s official! Disabled people have made up two-thirds of coronavirus deaths in the UK, according to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and they say that we’re also 11 times more likely to die of the virus than non-disabled people.

Crippen reveals what has happened to some ex Remploy workers

Remember when Arlington Automotive bought the final three Remploy sheltered factories and took on the disabled employees stating that they were committed to equality and diversity in the workplace? Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen asks – how soon before they change us from being vulnerable to being expendable?!

The use of negative language to describe disabled people has once again been challenged. This time it is Baroness Jane Campbell who has called for an end to the term ‘vulnerable’. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen receives confirmation that inequalities experienced by disabled people have widened during the pandemic.

A new report – An Affront to Dignity, Inclusion and Equality – produced by a group of disabled academics has confirmed that the inequalities experienced by disabled people have widened during the pandemic. Disability Arts Online ·

Crippen asks, has this government lost its new Disability Unit?

Er hello … is anyone there?! One would be forgiven for thinking that the new Disability Unit staff had all gone on holiday during this recent crisis. Not a single announcement has been made by them over the past three months, despite over 22,000 disabled people having died from ...