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Blog - Northern Ireland

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My Atypical Experience

A few years ago I heard about an artist who put on a solo show while housebound by chronic illness. All her dealings with the gallery, including the installation and opening, were done through Skype. After hearing about her success at breaking the housebound artist to gallery barrier I began ...

“You’re Not Trans… You’re Autistic!”

Aimee Challenor is 20 years. She is a transgender individual and also autistic. She and others from Trans communities feel they have had their Transgender identity undermined by medical professionals because of their autism. This has led to the delaying of gender reassignment procedures. How does it feel to ‘come out’ as Trans, only to have to hide autism? Challenor speaks out ...

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Not Half Right at The University of Atypical Gallery, Belfast

Today I am blowing the dust of my blog to write about my upcoming exhibition Not Half Right opening at The University of Atypical Gallery, Belfast in November 10th. The show, named after my blog, is a disjointed narrative of my chronically ill life as I enter my seventh decade ...