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fragisle – for awkward bastards at home, dash

fragisle from gobscure / burn this commission from dash is part of dash arts awkward bastards at home

Sailing into Dance, by Jo Barber

My earliest memory is sitting in a ballet studio in tears at the age of eleven. It had finally got sore. I could no longer weight bear while standing up. Even on getting a wheelchair at age 15, I was too small to participate in wheelchair sport, and so struggled ...

REALM 01: Abstract

Another from the exhibition with a slight amendment today. The thing with tuning into memories that have been put away for many years is the memory might not be all that pleasant. So how do you turn the returning into a better outcome.   AbstractGrain, Still waterRipple, Water movesDeep vivid bluesNew purple ...

Kay signing her book at a local book launch event in March 2017.

Kay Channon in Conversation with Kizzy Wade. Activist, Analyst and Artist of Words. Please forgive any changes in audio quality. I cannot afford professional recording equipment or a home studio. Using headphones will improve the clarity of the interview. Kizzy’s poems are provided in text format as they were performed during the interview within this blog, in case you wish to revisit any. ...

love for all curated by gobscure

Dear all, We would like to share a token of our love, curated by gobscure, and brought to life by their diverse crew. recipes for love is a collection of artworks, recipes and letters for you, and those you love. Find them online here: Some of you may ...

cartoon about tory policies taking disabled people further back

Crippen says it’s time to stop this backwards slide!

2020 was a year that most of us would prefer to forget, whether due to the Covid pandemic or the abysmal way in which disabled people been scapegoated by this Neo-conservative government. Disability Arts Online ·

provoked 2 madness by the brutality of wealth e.p.

2 track e.p.  from project of the same name, which including touring show of the same name-

side portrait of an older man framed by steel girders

The Challenge – Extinction The Highgate Challenge on extinction actually got 3 poems out of me. I was able later to link in with Extinction Rebellion Tower Hamlets and contribute a video sequence to one of their fundraisers during lock down. Delighted to present it here. My co-reader is Jean BaylissThe Challenge – ExtinctionI ...

642 – 4 Line Poem AKA Family Tradition

Reader. So what was your beloved family tradition? 642 – 4 Line Poem AKA Family Tradition He sits with silver spoon in hand waiting for a child’s hand to land upon the starched white table cloth. She has a pen within her head writing unkind words that people said. Insults used to wound ...

7 people in a Zoom video call

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Disability Arts Online over the years

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a long and difficult year. There are a few positives on the horizon but equally plenty to continue to be worried about. We've been doing our best at Disability Arts Online to try to support artists from within our communities. We're all ...